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    [A] Whatever @ Auchindoun EU | 25 Herioc Raiding Guild | 4 Days - 16 Hours / Week



    druid (balance) HIGH
    druid (feral) HIGH
    monk (healer) HIGH
    monk (dd) HIGH
    paladin (holy) HIGH
    paladin (retribution) HIGH
    priest (healer) HIGH
    priest (dd) HIGH
    rogue HIGH
    shaman (elemental) HIGH
    warlock HIGH
    hunter HIGH
    mage HIGH

    To apply go http://www.we-guild.com/guild_application/apply

    Who are we ?

    Whatever is an Alliance guild on EU-Auchidoun focusing on PVE HEROIC endgame content. We raid a maximum of 4 days a week while maintaining a steady progress with a serious attitude towards raiding with high standards.

    We are over 6 years old, progressed up to Kiljaeden in TBC and cleared all WOTLK raiding instances including LK25 Heroic & Halion 25 Heroic. Our goal is to complete the pve encounters and achievements before the next content patch, however this doesnt mean we wait for nerfs. (We downed M'uru prenerf,hp nerf patch 2.4.3)

    We are looking for people with a very high raiding experience on their characters with decent gear that is minmaxed for its purpose. If you are keen to play in a top raiding guild but aint got the time to spend 6 days or even 7 a week? Then we are perfect for you.
    You need to speak good english, able to use ventrillo and being able to handle critisism.


    10/13 HEROIC TOT

    6/6 HEROIC MSV - 6/6 HEROIC HOF - 4/4 HEROIC TotES (25man)


    Raiding times:

    Wednesday 20.00-00.00 CET
    Thursday 20.00-00.00 CET
    Sunday 20.00-00.00 CET
    Monday 20.00-00.00 CET

    Loot System

    Whatever uses a loot councilling system to decide where the majority of gear in 25 man raids ends up. The council is the team of officers and guild leaders. In progression content, there are 3 important factors that are taken into account in the decision: upgrade size, performance, and attendance. Clearly we do not want to hand out loot to people for whom it is a minor upgrade, to people who are not pulling their weight, or to people who don't show up as much as we require. Basicly loot is not used as a reward but rather as a tool to complete our raiding objectives.

    What we are looking for in applicants

    * We want players who play from 20:00 to 00:00 (server time), and to be there for the duration.
    * You need to have a stable connection and good PC. Yes, Blizzard's servers are poor sometimes - but on the whole you should have good FPS and latency.
    * We are looking for players who maximise themselves regardless of gear, and thrive off competition from other raiders to do their best. This is to say that your gear doesn't limit your skills.
    * You learn from mistakes and don't repeat them. By minimising mistakes and silly errors PvE progression is sped up ten-fold.
    * We want you to be confident that you can carry out the role given to you. A confident player makes less mistakes. We're not saying be cocky - be confident!
    * You will min/max yourselves regardless of the cost. You will go out on a limb to gain that 1 hps/dps/tps that can make your character perform JUST that little bit better.

    What we don't want in applicants

    * We do not want Drama-queens who cause arguments within the guild. The remove tool enjoys Drama-queens - we do not. So don't waste your time and ours.
    * We are not interested in whiners and complainers when it comes to farming content. You are expected to be there and if you are not capable of attending you are not suited for Whatever.
    * We do not want people who cannot take criticism, especially those who fight back even when they know are wrong or think they are Right.

    I would like to repeat all that in a shorter way now. We are looking for players who are capable of using their own initiative to maximise themselves in a raid environment. Yes we have orders going out but you cannot rely on always being told what to do. You need to react with what is right. Yes you might make a mistake once but you wont repeat it. You will be told its a mistake and you will improve yourself for next time. You share the ambitions of the guild, and that is the guild as a whole - not you as an individual.

    The trial period in Whatever is not a set duration. Players who are exceptional can see shorter times than those who cause us concern. The differences between Trial period and Member status is minor mainly composing of just priority on certain things.

    What you as a raider can expect from Whatever

    * A stable guild with stable leadership
    * A community as well as a raiding guild. Our members come from all over Europe and all have stories unique to them. We enjoy having a laugh as we clear the trash and outside of raids so theres always some socialising to do there.
    * A possibility to be in a fast progression guild with big aspirations where every raider puts in the same level of interests and shares our goal of competing on a worldwide level.

    Application and Recruitment Process

    There is a link for our Application form on the home page of this website under Guild Application, clicking this link we forwards you to the application form.

    After your application you will be replied to within 1 week if you are accepted to the next stage. If you receive no reply you are not what we are looking for at the time and although we will keep your application on file we can only wish you the best of luck looking elsewhere.

    If you have been accepted to the next stage you will be required to have a Ventrilo Interview with one of our officers, after this interview a decision wil be made regarding your Trial period.

    Contact (in-game and forum usernames):


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