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    Quote Originally Posted by Solidhype View Post
    (GC said he main UH DK)
    That was Zarhym that said that not Gc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipoststuff View Post
    I agree.

    -Our burst is ok. Its not boomdead burst and no one should have that anyway.
    -Our survival needs a buff be it self heals or something else (maybe cata sacred shield).
    -Sustained pressure. This can be more damage outside of cooldowns or more uptime or more control.
    This is exactly how I feel,burst is ok since wings are not disp/stealable , But I feel that with the nerf to the heal I spend to much holy power to heal myself

    Sacred shield would be a nice thing
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    Afflic locks need more burst capability because "pressure" isn't particularly viable anymore. Rogues in general need a significant survivability buff and a decent damage buff. WW monks could use a damage buff as well. I think ele shamans could use some kind of damage buff outside of acension, but it shouldn't effect acension.

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    Sarcasm shows like the sun rising... anyhow, i think unholy dks are getting a buff, mostly survivability and little more dmg but yes there are a lot of things blizzard can do to change unholys, or just dks in general.

    Rogues need a buff too, i feel pretty bad for them although RMP has been around for many many years.... (on 2nd thought, don't bring RMP back, deep freeze and smoke bomb is a pain).

    That is my thought.

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    MM hunters need a great deal of loving. Almost extinct, which has never happened in a PvP season before.

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