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    WOTLK Cinematic original music?

    Hello, I found this (music)video and to me, it sounds like the original (or one of the first) versions of wotlk cinematic.
    Does this: "This demo was produced in a single day to give the visuals a different emotional direction to the original trailer soundtrack." mean that was made as an example for original version?

    ps: I know, released version sounds better, but that choir sounds so familiar...

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    It'd help if we had a copy of the video to see.
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    I think indeed that this was an alternate version they were thinking of using for the final cinematic.

    Personally, I think it sounds 1000x better, although I also liked the one they ended up using.

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    Kinda like it, but to me it doesn't fit the cinematic. Standalone though, love it.

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    It's nice but it doesn't fit the video at all.

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    I very much like the song, but can see why they changed it for the current one. The current one sounds a lot darker

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    It is pretty cool tune, but it doesn't seem to fit the video and (at least to me) it doesn't sound Warcraft-like.

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    I like it, but it sounds like someone took a two steps from hell song and just synched it up with the video.

    The only reason I'm dubious about that being the "original" cinematic is, from what I can tell, that passage of music wasn't used anywhere else in WotLK... it would seem odd for Blizzard to completely scrap it, melody and all.

    Compare that to the music of Arthas my son:

    Which can be heard in the music for Acherus:

    The song Invincible:

    The music passage is based on the end of the Frozen Throne closing Cinematic: (about two minutes 11 seconds in)
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    Hm, maybe you should read the description again. The guy who did the track isn't working for/at Blizzard and never did. He just synced an own composition to the video.

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