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    Sylvanas and Vol'jin are personal favorites

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    Mr. Smite - DAH! now you're making me angry!

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    Too long have I sat idle, gripped in this haze... this malaise, lamenting what could have been... what should have been. Your death will not have been in vain, Taelan. A new Order is born on this Order which will dedicate itself to extinguishing the evil that plagues this world. An evil that cannot hide behind politics and pleasantries. This I promise...This I vow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemro82 View Post
    Lunk, the pacifist Ogre
    Lunk's a sweetheart.


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    My favourite NPC is Lady Sylvanas Windrunner by a big margin:

    Kind, beautiful and wise. She wouldn't hurt a fly.

    Major NPC honourable mention:

    Lor'themar Theron
    Bolvar Fordragon (pre-hot pants)

    Minor NPC honourable mention:

    Thisalee Crow
    Captain Auric Sunchaser
    Thalo'thas Brightsun

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    Prince Arthas, the Lich King.

    Back when he was a paladin though he whined too much (he made Luke Crywalker look good)
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    Malfurion Stormrage

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    Shandris Feathermoon

    Because she managed to live and prosper despite having lost her parents. She trained to defeat the Legion. She found love only for her lover to leave her one day for another lady yet she didn't break. She was trained as a leader of the Sentinels and a Priestess of the Moon, uniting the two organizations in a way. She had the courage to lead an expedition of very few night elves to an unknown land where they were constantly under attack by naga. She has links and connections all over the world that let her know of everything that happens, making her a great undercover organization leader as well. She's the next in line for leading the night elves when Tyrande is gone (since Malfurion is partially neutral). She fought bravely to defend her people and helped them escape during the Cataclysm.

    She is nice and creative, yet it doesn't mean she can't stand her ground or destroy her enemies.

    Also, she killed Garrosh:

    Around 0:35-0:38

    Honorable mentions:
    Thisalee Crow
    Cairne Bloodhoof
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    Marshal Windsor. Used to love doing the walk through Stormwind with him as part of the Onyxia attunement quest chain.

    Honourable mentions to
    Bolvar Fordragon.
    Chromie (my favourite dragon-flight character).
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    John J. Keeshan.

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    It may sound obvious with me being mainly alliance ( even though i like thrall and vol'jin too ) but my favorite is King Varian Wrynn.

    He was awesome as a better version than Garrosh , and now he is getting even more awesome by acting as the King he was born to be.

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    Nathanos Blightcaller.

    Badass for both sides in Vanilla. Damn shame they demoted him into a hunter trainer.

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    Indeed, he should've become Sylvanas new right hand, now that Varimathras is gone.
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    Millhouse Manastorm.

    "I'm going to light you up, sweetcheeks."

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    Varok Saurfang. But Drek'thar is in a close second place.
    Quote Originally Posted by wheelmandan View Post

    in a wheelchair and still has the balls to say no to garrosh, and will i think he awsome cuz i'm in a wheelchair and it show how awsome he is
    Indeed, he does.

    P.S.: Looks like defying Garrosh is what makes me like NPCs.
    So, next would be Vol'Jin and then Baine. But Saurfang and Drek'thar did it first.
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    Has anyone said the Monkey King yet? I wasn't expecting such a great character in the (Alliance) 5.1 questline, and now I absolutely love his wise-yet-hozen attitude and his rhymes. I know he is a reference to some asian (chinese?) legend, but he is still awesome.

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    Haris Pilton - for obvious reasons

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    The Lich King will always be my favorite. He was just epic all around

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    Illidan and Arthas :>
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    Runner-Up for my favorite character is indeed Genn Greymane, The Lord Of His Pack

    A leader who has made his fair share of mistakes, but undoubtedly a LEADER. He is the typical old man, stubborn, and arrogant. But he is also well beyond the typical king. The wellbeing of his people is #1 on his list of priorities, as they have suffered and he has suffered with them. His faults may be prevalent but he is definetly NOT just some weak, frail old man. His love for his people despite his shortcomings is what makes him one of my favorite characters.

    "When I told some of you that I wanted to form an army to retake Gilneas City from these light damned Forsaken… There were those who said Gilneas City would never be retaken. That it was impossible. Well I say to you that we must no longer let our fears control us! For too long I let my fear control me… Fear that I had made all the wrong decisions… Fear that our nation would lose its identity… Fear that if all of you knew the truth, the whole truth… You would reject me as your leader. Well I give in to fear no longer. Look upon me now and see that which I have kept hidden. Now that you know the truth, I ask each of you… who will stand with me, who will fight by my side? Who among you will set aside your fear?"

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