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    Do you play the other gender?

    What ho!

    I'm interested in sexuality and gender in video games, particularly in WoW.

    Men: Do you ever play as a female character? Vote and give your reasons in the comments!

    Women: Do you ever play as a male character? Vote and give your reasons in the comments!

    (If you're a man, select an answer beginning with [Men], and if you're a woman then select an answer beginning with [Women].)
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    Male and I only play female characters in WoW because they look a lot better than male.

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    im a guy and i 90% of the time play a female character something about it just seems right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by threadz View Post
    Male and I only play female characters in WoW because they look a lot better than male.
    Female and for the same reason I will play some male characters. Most of my toons are female though.

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    Needs an option for "I play both"

    The gender of my characters depends largely on the race. I don't like the models and animations for some genders in some races, and I like them in others.
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    I'm a woman, my main is a male and some of my alts. Sometimes I just prefer how they look, or if I'm interested in a male character in their lore then I usually make a male, I'm not really sure why.

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    I play both genders, It is mostly depends on what role I want to play with that toon.

    For example:
    My priest which I sorely made for healing was made female, the healing aspect+cloth robes (dress) feel better with a female. Don't wanna watch a guy in dress :P

    My DK was made purely so my guild could progress heroic raiding and needed someone to tank. Because I wanted a more bulky figure for fetching the blows I made him male. Bit more muscles on it so felt good as a DK tank. (+no dress! :P Although T14 = dress plate.... Transmog ho!)

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    (men) Both, depends on what race and how they look, it's not like i'll dress up like a woman irl anytime soon so np ^^

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    I am Murloc! Scoli's Avatar
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    I'm a guy and I generally play which gender I find to be best looking on a character. Though I prefer playing a male character (like a gnome). It's just which looks best. For a human it's pretty obvious. But so is for tauren ;P

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    I prefer the female models, except for gnomes. They're both viable! :-)

    Basically all the male models have way to wide shoulders or other issues whereas I find that the female models are pretty good!
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    I play both, with a slight emphasis on female models because I find them to be... less ugly. It depends on the race, the class, and the "feel" of the particular character.

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    I'm a female and all of my characters are female, in every MMO I've played. I've attempted to make male characters before but I could never get used to how they looked, it just didn't feel right.

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    I have 90% males, and 10% females.
    Only time I've made females are for my warlocks, I don't know why, but every warlock I've ever made is a female.
    Also always named her 'Hellan', so some sort of terrible pun is why I do it.
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    feamle, only because I prefer the female human model.
    when i played worgen / dwarf it was male
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    I always play female characters, i mean c'mon, make night elf anyone? would play males if they looked like new model malfurion or thrall

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    (man) i like begin a big bulky brute in any game i play so most of my toons are male

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    I am Murloc! Irony's Avatar
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    I dislike how all of the horde males look, so just played female.
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    My main is a male. The rest of my characters are female.

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    Male, and yeah, I don't mind playing female characters at all. Pretty sure I have more female toons than male ones.

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    Well that's only gender. If you're interested in sexuality as well... um, my female Orc is kinda butch I could RP her as a lesbian I suppose.
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