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    12/21/12 - 21/12/12 what are you going to do?

    What are you guys going to do?

    I'm planning to just sit here play Persona 4 or something and look at the news to see the weird stuff going on.

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    Same thing I normally!

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    Well considering the date marks the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, I find it absolutely baffling that people believe it's going to be the "End of the World".

    As such...

    I will continue on as I would normally.
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    watch the tv as the world blows up in segments as each timezone hits dec 21st

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    I'm going to laugh endlessly at all the people who believed this shit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syld View Post
    I'm going to laugh endlessly at all the people who believed this shit
    Pretty much this. Got some popcorn?

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    Same thing when some crazy Christian's predicted the world was gonna end on May 11, 2011...

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    I'll be watching Homeland season 2 back to back and cooking a nice dinner... Probably a stuffed chicken? I'll probably have to do some snow shoveling outside as well because were supposed to be getting some snow tonight. Oh! I almost forgot! I'll be laughing at all of the idiots that think the world will end >_>
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    It really isn't a big thing over here. Nobody I know is gullible enough to take it even slightly serious so yay, no Facebook spam! So in case it wasn't clear, what I'll be doing is what I usually do. WoW all day.

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    gonna party like it was 1999...wait a sec

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    The same thing I do every night, Remilia - try to take over the world!

    I think I might be going out. If I do, I'm hoping some places have gimmicky, Armageddon-themed deals on cheap drinks. I doubt it, but a desperate drunk can dream...

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    im gonna drink most likely lol and make some music!

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    12/21/12 is my birthday so I'm gonna get older as I do everyday.

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    I will be crying, in my atomic bunker i had built for this occasion. Duh.
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    Nothing special, really. Probably ordering pizza since it's Friday.

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    Drinking a six pack tonight. Will get more beer if needed. Then, if it does rain fire and brimstone, I will open up my liquor store for free booze until we die.

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    I'm going to tempt fate by jumping on a plane and flying up to see my parents for Christmas.

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    i am flying all day tomorrow =D flight leaves at 1am and I fly to Sydney 17 hour trip =)
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    Celebrate the start of Winter.

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    Laugh at everyone and anyone stupid to think anything is actually going to happen.
    For the night is dark and full of terrors

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