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    [H] In Vain - Ragnaros - RECRUITING

    In Vain - EU Ragnaros

    In Vain is a casual raiding guild currently residing on Ragnaros - EU.
    The guild was created by six IRL buddies after a migration from Mazrigos.

    We got a very casual raiding schedule with 2 days a week, Wednesday and Sunday 19:00-23:00. Even though our "slacky" schedule we aim at clearing as much of the heroic content as possible and have a decent progress when we get out core group sorted out.

    Our current progess is:
    Mogushan Vaults : 6/6 normal and 1/6 heroic
    Heart of Fear : 4/6 Normal
    Terrace of Endless Spring : 0/4

    For more information PM me here or visit Ragnaros and find Lykkeli, Justinbebear or Wizzkag

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