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    [A] <The Elysian Templars> Alonsus 25 man raiding

    About Us
    We are The Elysian Templars, a 25 man raiding guild founded 13.02.2007 in the early stages of The Burning Crusade. We focus on raiding 3 nights a week, with a very high efficiency we offer the same or better progress than guilds that raid twice the amount of time. We do NOT have a fixed raid team. Instead we have a fair system based on web signups, skills and attendance, to make sure that ALL our main raiders can get gear & experience.

    We also have additional 10man raid (mixed alts and mains) for extra progress, achievements and shinies.

    Raiding times
    25man = Weds, Thurs & Sunday 20:00-23:00
    10man = Saturday 20:00-23:00

    If u can only raid 2 nights per week, u can join as a 10man raider & progress to the 25man team, when u have more time.

    Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4 Normal 25 man
    Heart of Fear: 1/6 Heroic 25 man
    Mogu'shan Vaults: 4/6 Heroic 25 man

    Current recruitment status
    Monk (Healer)
    Monk (Dps)
    Druid (Feral Dps)
    Priest (Holy/Disc)

    Additionally we are looking for a couple of players (1 tank, 1 healer and a couple dps) for our Saturday's 10man. If you have limited play-time, but still want to raid once a week with a good quality and players that take it seriously, please make an application to us, marking it as a 10-man application :-)

    Any exceptional applications will be considered!

    If you are a same minded raider, please visit our site: to apply ;-)
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    A lovely Sunday morning *bump* :-))

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    Another bump!

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    *Bump* ...still looking for more active raiders!

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    *Bump* Now looking for players interested in raiding once a week on Saturday nights!

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    *Bump*...looking for a mage-friend ;-))

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    *Bump*...we have cookies!

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    Sha is down...more heroics are on the way ;-)

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    *Bump* Still looking for the above classes (or any keen raider...)

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    *Bump* we are still recruiting!

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    A lovely Sunday morning *Bump* :-)

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    *Bump* Feng and Gara'jal Heroic 25 down!

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    *Bump* Also looking for a friendly Deathknight!

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    *Bump* We are still recruiting :-)

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    *Bump* Have a Happy New Year all! :-))
    And we are still looking for a couple keen raiders ;-)

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    *Bump* Still looking for the above classes, and any detailed applications!

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    *Bump* Still looking for a couple keen to raid dps ;-)

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    *Bump* Elegon 25Man Heroic now down :-))
    We are looking for 1 additional healer to join our raid team!

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