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    ^ Impressive math Next time I need a celestial dye on someone I'll start gambling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    I did some math on dyes:
    1 abyss dye will give you 174 unid dyes. Out of the 362 listed dyes on the tp 84 are worth more than the unid(this is with the 15% tp cut already deducted) of those 70 will double your money.

    Those 84 on average give you 9times your money back, going from the mean you get 2* your money back from reselling w/e you don't like.

    So going for the more expensive dyes your going to better off buying unids, if you're going for average dyes (or dyes that cost around 60s or less) you're better off buying them.

    Correct me if I'm thinking about this wrong, but wouldn't that math work only if rare dyes dropped with the same frequency as common dyes?
    Valar morghulis

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    Yes that's true karizee that's why I put it in there.
    However I still think (it's hard to prove since we do not know drop rates) that for the more expensive dyes you'll be better of buying unids due to how often you get other valuable dyes.

    Some other numbers: gold 13times your money back, white gold 10, blood 10, silver 10 and then 5more (night shade, icing, midnight sky, pitch) who go for 7times your money back.
    And those aren't that rare at all, in fact if we leave the rarest dyes (abyss 174, cele 88, black 79, midnight ice 63, white 55, midnight fire 49) out of the mean we get 2*your money back again and the average goes to 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeek Daniels View Post
    You can however join the same room. Not to mention private rooms will be opening soon and u can do that as a group
    Your Statement there only quotes the part i posted about spvp, So is your answer only in relation to spvp, because i did state that Tournaments are The group based Battlegrounds.

    The real problem is in Holiday Events you might want to have fun with friends while doing, or guild.
    Example the winter pvp match, the music event, and the jumping puzzle, or toypocalypse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Guesting is the biggie I think. It was a touted feature more than once over the ~5 years of development.

    Still not implemented.
    What is Guesting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom4u2 View Post
    Guild Wars 2 was never intended for progression. It is also not grindy, as getting good gear @ 80 is ridiculously easy. If you want to look badass, then you'll have to grind. After all, if everyone looked badass it would break the skill competition. I love the lack of holy trinity because if you're bad, you'll get roflpwned and it's now much easier to see who's skilled and who's not, contrarily to games like WoW where the gear does all the job.

    On the other hand, I agree the lack of LFG tools made me leave the game. Don't get me wrong, I love every aspect of the game. But since I don't have a guild or a group of friends playing it, I have no way to get into a group. And yes, the /who function should be implemented. I completely agree. But then again Arenanet folks showed that they were there to improve. I believe in them
    Ok i have to chime in on this.

    Just because someone dies does not make them bad, some of the dungeons have the dumbest mechanics and bosses lack any kind of reset.

    Twilight Arbor TA The worm boss, Starts the fight with 3 medium sized worms near him, your supposed to kill them then dps him, at each 10% hp loss he spawns a new one, so lets say you dps too fast and wipe, not only are there the first 3 but some extra say 5 more next pull.

    Wow and rift and Swtor bosses reset to a default fight, mobs despawn that are not part of that fight or adds spawned by the boss during the fight, this is a basic mechanical flaw easy to fix but will they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post

    and Guesting

    (and town mini games)
    Im sory what is Guesting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KelaniScar View Post
    The only thing I would agree with in this thread would be guesting, and that wasn't brought up from the OP.

    SPvP isn't supposed to be lolwatsuperserious group play. Go to TPvP for that.

    Not sure how you need help with a jumping puzzle, but grouping would be nice for the others, sure. Or you could try to communicate between players. Random players shouldn't always be a 'OH GOD' moment, try being helpful, suggestive... you know, a nice person. This is more than just a problem with the game, it's a problem with how gaming communities are 'brought up'.

    A lot of the /who, /find features are obsolete for GW2, simple because the game doesn't work like that. This isn't a game where information is readily available, you can't inspect people, you can't find everything about a person without whispering them and asking. It's all about knowledge. People who make a name for themselves will tarnish their name, or glorify it. Either way, you'll remember the name. If you see that player in game, you may see their guild (which they are representing). Feel free to remember that name for whatever reason, but at the end of the day it doesn't really affect you in any real way.

    Not sure how much of this was 'promised', but a lot of it isn't an issue imo.
    I really have no idea why the GW2 community from the first game is so antisocial, and against /who features, on the official forum they said it was stalking.

    Any time im forced to a forum or website to join a guild and am alt tabbed from the game, the games ui has failed, example blizzard created dungeon journal for this reason, if you needed a site or addon to tell you what loot droped where or what the bosses skills were they felt as if they failed us.

    How am i going to join a guild by whispering ppl or talking in /m if i dont know anyone from the guild?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockedout View Post
    Love these statements. As if people who are competing at high end PvP (Glad,Grand Marshall) don't all have the best gear available. Now explain how gear does all the job in wow but not in GW2.
    Im Going to try to keep my info to the point and short.

    Gw2 PvP Maxes you to 80, Locks Racial skills, Unlocks all your Class skills, Gives you Vendors that sell all the Gems or socket items, And a basic set of armor to customize with whatever upgrades you like out of a large list.

    As you pvp you earn Glory "Honor" And you Earn PvP Exp towards your PvP Level 1-80, At every 10 levels your able to get a cooler looking set.
    The look changes, The upgrades or stats do not.

    Skill and Build is the deciding factor in Gw2 PvP not Resiliance like wow rift swtor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kouki View Post
    What is Guesting?
    Party with someone and they can join you on your server (or you on theres) temporarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kouki View Post
    How am i going to join a guild by whispering ppl or talking in /m if i dont know anyone from the guild?
    There's a couple of ways to join a guild.
    Be a nice guy who ppl want to be around.
    Be a good player who ppl want to learn from.
    Be a smart player who understands various mechanics classes.

    If you are any of those (or all) you'll get guildinvites like no tomorow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shekita View Post
    First off, the title of this post is off. None of this was "promised" in GW2. I can say that as a fact as I spent the last few years looking into the game and about 6 months prior to the game was officially released I went balls deep into finding as much information as I could about how the game was meant to be played, the personal story, the lack of the "holy trinity" etc. etc. etc.

    sPvP is not meant to be ran as a group. Hell they cleared that up before the game was even released. If you want to do some group pvp do the tournaments that's what it's there for. Think of sPvP as "practice" pvp. It's the casual side of PvP thus the lack of allowing people to group up for it is a GOOD thing, as it prevents people from having an advantage over others. Guild Wars 2 has done what they can to try and make the game as even across the board as possible, which was a major complaint people had about WoW but now that they realize that means they can't take advantage of it like you can in WoW they rage about it.

    Holiday Events: Doing this in a group was never promised. Most of this stuff you don't "need" a group for at least not the type that requires any kind of actual organization. That being said, I DO agree that there really is no reason for them to NOT allow you to group up with your guild for this stuff. sPvP makes sense. Holiday Events...not so much.

    No who/find/etc again this was never promised and the lack of this has been intentional, as another posted had said. Keep in mind GW2 really looked at what WoW was doing and went the complete opposite route. I'm glad they did. I like the fact that people don't know what I'm wearing, how I'm specced, gemmed, etc. The only people I want messaging me anyways are friends so for me this is a GOOD feature, not a bad one. If you don't want to hear someone cursing or making racial remarks etc. you can still report them and ignore them, which are the only tools you need for a situation like that.

    As someone else mentioned the one thing they DID promise and HAVEN'T implemented yet is Guesting. This is why I'm not playing right now. I was playing on a full server with a large guild. This guild removed me after 1 week of activity since it's a very sought after guild and they needed the roster space for a "more active" player. Okay I get it, that's fair. So I went to "transfer" to a guild on another server that some RL friends are a part of...but I can't, because that server is full. That would be fine if there was guesting but there isn't, so for right now I'm guildless, can't transfer to a server that my friends are on and since guesting isn't enabled, I can't even guest on their server to do anything with them.

    So because of the lack of guesting I'm stuck on a full server which I can't transfer off of unless I want to go on a "low" population server [why the hell would someone do that?] and I can't guest on any of my friends servers [2 servers have rl friends, both are full so I'm shit outta luck].

    Not only was this feature actually promised but it was also PROMOTED and made out to be a GREAT FEATURE literally YEARS before the game came out, but here we are...4 months into the release and they still haven't done it and honestly at this point I don't see any excuse not to other than they don't know how to accomplish it.

    They have said the feature is already in the game and it's functioning, they just need to "enable it". We're 4 months in, they've already lost some players because of this VERY reason.

    I stopped playing because it's currently impossible for me to play with friends.
    So Guesting is Temp transfers to other servers? I was under the impression that Transfers were at that time going to cost money, and guesting would be free, so if transfers are free now guesting is useless, just do your free transfer when the server pop is lower?

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    Quote Originally Posted by androidftw View Post
    It works. I tried this yesterday and I was surprised that I could do a dungeon with people from other servers. I couldn't see them on the map till I entered the dungeon.
    Thats because you knew them from overflow, which depending on your server is only during holiday events when ppl come back in large numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfiniteRetro View Post
    guesting wont ever be implemented. lets face it its more profitable to them to have you always thinking about possibly transfering thus spending money (dont give me that gems conversion crap considering the grind associated with it).

    guesting was a PR tool to make their product more than it was. its pretty obvious they cannot do it after what? 5 months and how many months in pre-release betas/stress tests?
    Uh transfers are free dude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tea View Post
    Well, I was hoping the game would be pvp focused with pve on the side. Sure pve people qq but there are so many pve mmos out there so why not use the game to play on the side of the other pve mmos (between raid hours and such)? Sure, I dont know how satisfying wow raids, rift raids and so one are these days but GW2 sure didnt end up pvp focused and pve version seems to be unsatisfying as well so this is how things turned out. Somehow they needed the pve people to pay the man and then it all turned out into some big giggy ol mess and lack of communication and hotfixes leaves us with the game we got today. It didnt have to be but it did. I liked the snowball game but it was just a christmas event. Will take some time and fixes before I return to the game. The spvp community is lost and one might wonder if it will ever turn back. Sure, it's not much competition out there for competitive mmo pvp, but did competitive mmo pvp players hang in there or did they settle for other games out there instead?
    The future sure is interesting to follow, but so far most mmos that lost players kept losing players instead of having a huge gain... perhaps miracles can happen this time?
    Im under the impression pvp'ers who don't WvW stuck it out, but WvW ppl all moved to like 3 or so servers just to win each time with no competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karizee View Post
    Here is the dev interview on sPVP:
    Well i can't agree with it being hosted by guru, they do have a dev and some "Pro's" so its got that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azuri View Post
    Rift typically pumps out more content then most MMO's per patch but even though PvP isn't their main selling feature they still do some patches where it's primary feature for that patch and even focus their trailers for these pvp patches around the content. (There's actually more when they add new warfronts)

    Be careful when using Rift for comparisons if you've not done your homework or actually played the game very little. I'll always be happy to point them out though.

    Conquest, 3 faction PvP

    Conquest trailer (they did 2 of them): Sourcre

    Open World PvP Rifts & new warfront Patch 1.6 primarily focused on PvP: Source
    Rift i think is the only other mmo out that can compete with a sub fee, unlike swtor or Tera Rift and wow can coexist with sub fee's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durzlla View Post
    You can buy dye packs lol? I've got a significant amount of them just from opening unidentified dyes, i can also make some via cooking (did that like twice) so... yeah no real need for it.... *shrugs* account bound -would- be nice, but it's not that big of a deal to me.

    EDIT: I'm more glad that things such as legendaries and their materials are account bound and not soulbound!
    When some dye's sell for 50g buying them more than once yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post
    -) we don't have guesting yet, instead there are other shorttime-solutions like free server transfer once a week and being able to play dungeons with people from other servers. There is probably a technical issue for no guesting currently, reading those statements from you guys: "they promised guesting blah" is just ignorant, we have more options than any other MMO can deliver already, and they repeatedly say that they work on the guesting feature.

    -) Colin explained how they want to focus on high-level zones first, gameplay where you use your profession's skills instead of activity-skills. It seems like they underestimated the people's need for new content. This is probably why we got Southsun Cove - a new Mini-zone instead of one or two Minigames. I don't like the fact that they cater towards the power-level-kind of playertype but it's their decision, not mine to make.

    -) They clearly explained why they think unlocking colors for each character is the better solution. It's part of the progression to work on a character. Take a look at the value of dyes in the trading post. With just a few pieces of gold you can buy almost every color available. You'd have all the colors on one character in less than a month. This would make every dye-drop after that just trash. The whole dye-system would be unneccesary for everyone in a few months. Dyes would get cheaper and cheaper in the trading post. It would be a just plain stupid mechanic to begin with. Can't people just use their brain instead of whine about dyes for months now?
    Celestial and Abyss are 50g, Buy that even one time is expensive, 2 3 4 times are you insane?

    And your saying dye prices would fall , well thats a good thing imo looking at prices as they are now.

    P.S 250 unopened required for legendary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r View Post
    OP I am only gonna comment you on the /who thing. Even if we could see their guild, what stops them from representing another guild when they do swear and such in map chat? There is no way you will be able to see his guilds unless he represent them, but he can only repesent one at a time.
    I guess in that respect.

    But here is what bugs me, I See a ton of banners in lions arch, even sometimes the food table.
    The guilds do this in public to display the guild and get recruits, however if they are not standing there you wont know the guilds full name, let alone anyone in it who can invite you.

    See Guild banner Right click Request To join or /who guilds name find officer get invited, this needs to be in game in some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maarius View Post
    I'm not sure why you want guesting so bad... it seems to me people just want it because it was mentioned in GW2 advertisement. Think of it: one of Anets goals is to make a server-community. People should feel at home on their chosen server and build a strong community. All design decisions are directed this way. Sharing loot, nodes, not having to create a party to share buffs,... Now what if Anet looked at the nearly finished "guesting"-feature and realized, that this isn't helping their design decision. People would not feel at home on one server. They jump to this server, to that,... and in the end feel lost. Now we have one functionality of the guesting system working: free server transfer once a week. You can choose a server where your friends are and join them. It's your home now.

    What I get from the current situation: Anet realized a few problems with the guesting system (be it technical or the kind I described) and they try to find a good solution for everyone. Why... WHY can't we just be patient and leave them do their job? Because whiners gonna whine... Sure, Anet is evil and they don't want us to play with our friends... wait...

    wtf? They work on a system, find a better solution (and character-bound is a better solution in a system where dyes drop and can be bought in the trading post, because of the facts I described earlier - no one cares about dyes in 4 months if they are accountbound, so why make them drops in the first place?) and change it with the intention of being good for the game, and you talk about backpedaling? Rly?

    and don't come up with "they just want our money", because this is just BS. If so, they could have made dyes non-drops and shop-only in the first place. It's cosmetic after all.

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    btw I just found out that we already got an answer about when guesting will be enabled:
    That's Gota be one the smartest posts in my entire thread.

    I Think Dye's don't bother me because im not an altwhore.

    And For me all my friends were told before buying, Your going to be on Darkhaven.
    And Though that sucks right now in WvW, I love my server and i want it to win, i will miss the option of free transfers but that will fix my WvW issues hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kouki View Post
    Celestial and Abyss are 50g, Buy that even one time is expensive, 2 3 4 times are you insane?

    And your saying dye prices would fall , well thats a good thing imo looking at prices as they are now.
    Celestial is 9.59 and abyss is 16.38 atm.

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    To those who said GW2 would be the ultimate WoW killer:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    To those who said GW2 would be the ultimate WoW killer:

    Nobody really said that. So get that nonsense out of this thread, it only causes problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    Nobody really said that. So get that nonsense out of this thread, it only causes problems.
    o rly

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike O'Brien
    We were number two to World of Warcraft with Guild Wars, now we want to beat them. We’ll be satisfied when Guild Wars 2 is the most successful MMO... One MMO has been on the top of the heap for seven years now, but there’s been a progression in the industry for other games being able to attract more and more players. And we’re set to climb to the top.
    That's ArenaNet's founder/president saying that. Or are we going down the road of "well people didn't literally say GW2 is a WoW-killer, they only implied it, so it was never actually said!"

    I really can't stand any of the WoW-killer talk, but it happens with every new MMO that comes out. For that matter I can't stand any <insert popular thing here>-killer talk, but hey guess it makes headlines.

    Anyway, is this thread supposed to be about common MMO features missing from the game, or pre-release promises that they failed to deliver/backpedalled/flat out lied on? There's like... a laundry list answer regardless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post
    That's ArenaNet's founder/president saying that. Or are we going down the road of "well people didn't literally say GW2 is a WoW-killer, they only implied it, so it was never actually said!"

    I really can't stand any of the WoW-killer talk, but it happens with every new MMO that comes out. For that matter I can't stand any <insert popular thing here>-killer talk, but hey guess it makes headlines.
    Tell me a developer that doesn't want to be more successful than their competition.

    It's one thing to wish to be more successful than the competition. It's another to wish to kill the competition. This is a case of the former, not the latter.

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    The ones that say "wow killers" are wow fans themselves. I have yet to see a fan of a particular game really say and mean that game will kill wow (unless they mean it in referring to them personally).

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