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    Arcane mage haste/mastery

    After hitting 3039 haste for an additional LB tick, should I gear for more haste or mastery ? or should i keep a balance ?

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    The entire argument for an arcane "soft cap" is really still up in the air. Stacking mastery vs stacking haste is parsing so closely that it really doesnt matter what you do.

    It really is what you are better at. Which do you prefer?

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    Personally (not fact, just my experience), I found the haste build felt smoother.

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    There no "i have X stats so now should I stack Y ?".

    You choosed haste, you should go haste all the way . Btw, why are you using LB ?

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    Actually you gain more slightly DPS by stacking Mastery after reaching the highest haste cap you can get.

    One thing im unsure of is if Frost armor allways > Mage armor.
    For me, I both sim better and perform better on bosses with Frost Armor.

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