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    Replacing broken-down videocard. Old mobo. Can use some tips!

    Hi there,

    Have been browsing these forums for ages. Never registered, but I could really you guys' expertise right now.

    I have a fairly old computer. Built it myself back in the day. Am no IT professional but understand the basics.
    Recently, I've been having a lot of problems with my graphics card, or graphics drivers. Probably a combination of the two. After spending a good evening trying drivers and anything I could imagine, it has come to the point where I just feel like replacing the card.

    The card that needs replacing is an ATI Radeon 4600 series. Not even sure exactly which one in the series, although I'm fairly positive its running at 1gb memory. It's PCIe x 16. It will be sitting in an Asus P5LD2 motherboard (equally old I guess).

    Last bit of info: I'm on a very limited budget. I don't need a high-end gaming card. I've always been fine with playing the game around Medium settings. Ofcourse, more detail would be welcome but it's not worth a lot of money to me at the moment. (Internship atm, getting paid about 2 euros an hour... The months are already longer than my paycheck lasts, so suggesting a card above 100 to 150 euros is futile)

    If it matters, I'm Dutch. (Might help reduce shipping costs). Also, I don't play anything on the pc apart from WoW, nor do I have the intention to play alot of pc games.

    Lastly, I'm quite confused when it comes to the memory of these cards. I keep thinking 'moar memory is better!' but I'm not sure on the type of memory and what impact it has. I keep reading all these types of (G)DDR, etc. Some simple clarification would be more than welcome!

    Thanks in advance so, so much! This is my last resort. :-)

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    You could try and get a 7770/650 i think.
    Or you could check here for a second hand card


    More does not mean better for GPU's, but you do want GDDR5 for gaming.

    You could try this one
    Or something higher up
    http://tweakers.net/aanbod/486870/2x...460oc-1gi.html (he is also selling them 1 a piece)

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    Thanks for the reply, Zeara.

    In the mean time, I've had some friends that also point me in the direction of a 7750 or 7770, or a gt 650.

    Considering you mentioned that as well, I guess I'll go with either one of those. :-)


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    Hey, i still have two GTX460's laying arround. You can buy one at a bargain if you desire. (Limburg).

    MSI GTX460-Hawk to be precise


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