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    Case/Mobo input

    I'm using a small case at the moment, and my gtx 660 ti is flush with the hd cage, zero room inside... looking for input on a good case/mobo

    currently have h61m, and it only has one pci e slot so future sli'ing is out of the question so i thought why not get a new case with a new mobo...

    Looking at the ASrock Z77 Extreme4, and maybe the cooler master haf xm? but the full rosewill thor v2 with a promo code is dirt cheap too... any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Asus pz77-v lk pr the extreme 4 are both decent boards I would choose between those 2 . Corsair carbide 500r white I would get this case at that price range over the xm but case is very preferential, it comes in black also.
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    both are nice cases but keep in mind, the are HUGE. even the carbide is quite large, but a very nice case.
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    try looking at mid tower cases because people underestimate the size of full towers quite often. good allrounder mobo choice when at a budget.

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