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    Does iPad have access to multiple browsers?

    I've only used Android devices to mobile communications and I'm used to having multiple browsers I can choose from that are free and fairly feature rich (Dolphin, Opera, etc). Does the iPad have this same ability or are users stuck with Safari?

    This is for the Mizz and I tried talking her into a Nexus 10 (sold out on Google Play as of now) but she seems really keen on an iPad.
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    I use Chrome on iPad.

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    I have chrome on my phone Id think ipad could get it to.

    Edit:Just checked app store and there is also dolphin, opera and many others.
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    you can use others. I use chrome on my ipad and safari on the phone. really no difference between the two. chrome can have more than 8 tabs open though

    supposedly safari renders pages faster but i can't tell a difference
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    There are other Browsers available on iOS however don't assume that they use their own engines.

    If you want to render web content on an iphone/pad apple requires you to use the iOS web kit, i.e. if you're using chrome on an ipad you're actually using the safari rendering and javascript engine with a chrome skin.
    Opera mini otoh uses an external proxy to render a page into an intermediate format that is then displayed on the device.

    So while the app store does offer different browsers they either all based on the same engine (apple web kit) or require an external proxy to do the heavy lifting.

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