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    Blade Lord Tayak 10H Questions

    Raid comp:
    Tank: Feral Druid, Prot War
    Healers: Holy Pal, Resto Shaman and Disc Priest.
    DPS: Fire Mage, Kitty, BM Hunter, Frost DK,and me (Aff Lock).

    Tip about unseen strike when it hits the tank, everyone should cope for it or just tanks need to pop their Defensive CDs?

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    stack on tanks, you'd have to use lots of cds to be able to live through it

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    Unseen Strikes are on a 1 minute cooldown, have your Priest Spirit Shell them all, stack on tank, tada:]. Most of your players have short defensive cooldowns as well, tell them to use them liberally.
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    An unmitigated Unseen Strike does about 4.75x106 damage meaning a tank won't realistically survive it alone, so just have everyone stack on the tank.
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    You need more or less the whole raid stacked for the unseen strike. You can get away with 7 people on 10m but the damage is so much higher that it's not worth it.

    We just have the whole raid stack up, unless the strike lands on our mage, she takes it on her own with blink.

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    As Timo said: Spirit Shell about 12 secs before unseen. Stack everyone without the Wind Step debuff.

    Also, you can have your hPala take clemency and remove those debuffs when needed. Mage can drop it three times (block, greater invis, a well timed/lucky alter time)

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    We always found it a bit iffy on everyone getting hit with the strike. Sometimes it'd hit all other times it'd only hit 5 or 6. Resulting in deaths. Really wish you could control that a lot better. Outlining his conal effect on the floor well before he does it would be nice

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