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    PvP server with good population to get pug RBGs/arena teams going without waiting Qs.


    My rogue is currently on EU-Moonglade, I'm far from the best player at pvp, but it is what I like to do.
    On my current server "Moonglade" (RP) *shrugs* I dont feel I can improve the way I could if I could actually get arenas and RBGs going. (Theres only so much u can learn from normal BGs.)
    I have alternating playing hours tho, so I'm bound to pugging stuff.

    I was looking to transfer to a more PvP active server, but I dont want to be dealing with waiting Qs either.

    First I was looking at:


    After some reading around I'm guessing Sylvanas and Outland are no goes as I will have Waiting Qs.
    Annyone here from Auchindoun who could confirm theres no/hardly any waiting Qs there? And how easy is it to get some pug pvp going?
    Other realm suggestions are welcome aswell, Aslong as they do have pug RBGs and Arenas going even a few hours later/earlier then the regular 19pm runs Without the waiting Qs

    Grtz, Cerynise

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    Hi there, alliance EU player here.Id like some info too.

    Ive searched auchidion a bit. Realm looks good for alliance but not too many horde. Definetly dominates the battlegroup. The reason i havent transfered there is my main chars name is taken there :/

    Ive been looking into sylvanas and frostmane. Would love some input on those servers.

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    I'd recommend EU-Stormscale and EU-Kazzak. Non-stop PVP spam ;D

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    Don't come to Auchindoun. There are so many boosted people here who wintrade to 2.4k - 3.7k.

    I had 2.6k legit last season and did not get hero title because of all the wintraders.

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    Sylvanas is pretty decent, active with plenty of trade spam for rbg's/arena

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    allow me to reccomend teamfind.com great site

    I myself run several groups per week my regular group is around 1900 atm just for fun, no rating required etc

    feel free to PM me and ill give you my battletag

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