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    Elemental Shaman key binding/UI help.

    I am new to the shaman class and just came back from a long break .i was wondering if maybe endus or someone using the TUSUI could upload a couple pictures of their keybindings and UI. endus has a very clean setup and i kinda wanted to use it as a starting point. a list of addons would also be very nice. thanks so much in advance . also the TUSUI seems to be messing up for me and alot of stuff is obviously out of place even after the install.

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    Honestly the best UI to use it Elvui.

    I would highly recommend it for any player.

    Here is a video of my UI in action.

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    Could you maybe give me a list of the addons that are essential to your set up? i have elvUI but if there are any others that i would want to know about?
    also how do you do your keybindings for the totems and stuff?

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    The only three addons I use is Elvui, Recount, and Grid.

    Grid is difficult to explain because the way my grid is configured literally would take me three days to make again. It's pretty much DBM, Decursive, clique ect. smashed into one mod lol.

    For my Keybindings I really just use like

    Shift-(q, w, e, r, a, s, d, f, z, x, c)
    And the f keys usually for totems
    The longer the CD the further f key. like my fire and earth are f8/f9

    I use a and d for strafe, w for foreward, and s for interrupt. I do not bind backpedal.

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    i think the keybindings you should use are the ones you are comfortable with, which are the ones you created yourself because they made the most sense to you and your thought process.

    the best ui in my opinion is as close to the default ui as you can manage for maximum awareness and minimal distractions. the 2 addons i like the most are omniCC and tidy plates. id encourage you get addons for aesthetic reasons, and not to enhance your gameplay. every day i try and ween myself off addons altogether not because i want to be elitist or something, just more aware. the best players dont need an addon telling them what phase a boss is in or what spell an arena enemy is casting, and thats a level of awareness and play i would like to try and reach some day. its good motivation.

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