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    Having trouble staying alive! Please help me.

    I currently have a Level 87 Tauren hunter and I plan on getting a race change but that's off topic, I'm currently questing to get to level 90 and I'm really struggling my pet's constantly dieing and I'm stuggling to kill anything with over 500k health, it got loads of crits and a bear tank to soak up all the damage so I don't really know what the problem is. I thought if I tamed a spirit beast with spirit mending or whatever then I might have a better chance on staying alive more often. Some suggestions would be much appreciated thanks


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    Well first off...where the heck are you questing?? level 90 mobs only have 400k iirc

    Anyways, spec your pet tenacity, turn growl on, if there's a bunch of mobs use lynx rush to get aggro on the pet (misdirection too), mend pet > GG!

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    Currently in Kun-Lai Summit and 500k was an over exudation.

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    talent spirit bond.. glyph mend pet.. Throw in mend pet into your rotation. You have to watch your pet's health. And use it on cd if you have to (a lot of mobs). And respec your pet to tenacity if it isn't already and you should be fine. You're a hunter, you should never ever die, ever lol. Even if your pet dies, just feign death. Disengage with posthaste and run away. I don't think hunters can ever die while questing. Go SV if you want to pull a bigger number of mobs and aoe them down (with MD ofcourse), and get the MD glyph which resets its cd if you MD to your pet. And throw that into your rotation as well. Watch your aggro with omen, and feign death and re-MD once it wears off and just aoe aoe. If you want to blow up adds one by one go BM. If you want even more self healing, go MM.

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    Go survival, Talents - Pothaste, 2nd tier doesn't really matter get blinding shot if you're gonna use 2nd tier. tier 3 Spirit Bond, tier 4 Thrill of the hunt, tier 5 lynx rush.

    Glyphs - Animal Bond, Misdirection and Mending. Minor doesn't matter.

    Pretty much pre cast mend pet before a pull and keep it up the whole pull and pre cast MD on your pet. Multishot everything use explosive trap and ice trap if needed feign death if things get hairy make sure your pet is in tank spec with cower on and growl. Thats pretty much it when I leveled my hunter from 85-90 I was pulling packs of 10-20 at times and died maybe 10 times not even in the process.
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    u know what...glyph of md ....i always found soloing that killing singles and doubles was fast as or faster than struggling with with multiples ..

    i also never use growl unless its a tough elite even then...train yourself to use your md and fd with your mend pet and disengage ..youll be a better hunter..
    and it will eventually pay off ...youll finish the adds and be last man standing to kill that boss ..happened other day on wote..what shouldve been a cockup saved
    and turned into a kill..

    so practice ..stop biting off more than u can chew..some of the mobs close to 90 are tough ..practice pulling mobs away from packs etc..be surgical and fast ..its actually faster

    so yeah growl off md pet attack mob..re md throw on a mend pet stop tunneling..destroy mob move on..is the mob hanging around other dangerous mobs..learn to pull
    thats what we do..great doing the pulls in ssc for a 25 man raid...

    of course the opposite is in dungeons..md multi expl trap down multi every time its up..except when o lol proc..tanks is always your focus take his target to multi off..
    trap can cause aggro but your honed soloing skills pay off u can drop aggro any time u want...

    am i qualified to have this opinion..by the time i was on my 3rd-4th hunter i liked mm with barage on the way up..but best lvling spec is svl once u get serpent spread..
    as u can destroy dungeon packs

    so i ended up with a main worgen plus alt on a smaller server..then made two more worgens on sageras ..
    then made an orc on the rock..so had to make a tauren undead and troll...lol..end of cata had 8 hunters all able to do ds

    but now i only really running the orc on the rock ..as dailys and raiding take min coupla hrs a day..not so bad when all factions are exalted..but i think the days
    of several realms are over might bring my loc sp and the old main hunter over to the rock..

    ps i always found using a cat that puts out higher damge preferable to using a tank pet..lol ive collected terropene every single time but only used him as an ot on magmaw h
    and always hat ed that idea..ended up having the maintank take the construct ad as well was better strat..and i could use a cat..
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    umm don't use lynx rush.. If your mobs are living for 22 seconds or so then maybe but that'll rarely ever happen. Both AMoC and LR are long dots and not worth it for leveling. Go with blink strike for the extra burst and boost to pet aggro.

    And to the guy above, why would a cat put out more damage than a turtle ? Welcome to Mists of Pandaria.

    I'd go with either a tallstrider for the aoe sunder or wolf/quillen for the crit and just spec them into tenacity. If you go SV, majority of your damage is gonna come from your multi shots and serpent sting, pet damage isn't that significant at all. It's better to stay safe with tenacity. Pet will survive better and won't die constantly, which in turn means you won't as well.

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    But... hunters are a tank, a healer, AND a DPS all in one! Dying should be nearly impossible while questing.
    As others have said, misdirect to your tenacity pet, press "mend pet", pull every relevant quest mob in a 40 yard radius, then hit your AOE damage buttons. Press Mend Pet every 10 seconds, and misdirect again every 4-5, pressing more AOE buttons in between. Enjoy your invincibility.

    If shit does somehow get out of hand, feign death.
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    @ saoron true..my old school is showing....doesnt matter now..guess the pets cosmetic......

    about lynx rush tho if u do have more than a few mobs ..ads that are high health that youve aggrod..then lr + md is perfect to cut down the low health mobs + establish aggro firmly on adds that have come onto an explosive ticking..even on a solo mob and your pets low it a great push, so you can get out of the mob quickly ..

    moc ..exspensive only affects one mob..dont really like it..blink..never even tried it ..rush all the way..extremely versatile oh shit button..

    and its still my cat ..to me terropenes ..a "tank pet".....cept in our raid i always got the bat out for the mage for a haste buff

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    how would lynx rush 'cut down' low health mobs or establish 'firm' aggro ? I dunnu if you're thinking of pre 5.1 again or something, but lynx rush is a bleed dot that ticks once every three seconds for not that much per tick even with 9 stacks. So with a lot of mobs it will barely get any stacks and will tick for almost nothing per mob. And to get the full benefit from it you'd need the mobs to stay alive for atleast ~22 seconds. Which is not gonna happen while questing. Even with elite mobs that'll rarely happen. So again, LR and AMoC are both useless for questing.

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