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    Huojin or Tushui?

    I thought this would be a fun topic to discuss, based on the knowledge of the two philosophies that govern playable Pandaren factions in game, which philosophy do you think prominent characters/racial leaders in WoW subscribe to and why? List as many as you can think
    Here are my examples:

    Tyrande, Huo'jin - Tyrande definitely subscribes to the mindset that the only bad action is inaction. She charges into battle and lets her faith do the split second decision making

    Malfurion, Tushui - Malfurion steadfastly asserts that Nature is Law and should never be tampered with or impeded, even if the outcome would be considered "beneficial".

    Varian Wrynn, started Huoj'jin, as of MoP Tushui - Wrynn's headstrong recklessness from the battle of Undercity seems to be a thing of the past. He sees a moral path laid out for his people, the Alliance and will not waver from it.

    Jaina, started Tushui, as of MoP Huojin - Jaina used to hold pacifism over all else, but the obvious events of Theramore wiped clean her mindset. While she still maintains peace as her ultimate goal, she is no longer willing to sacrifice to make it happen. She justifies her decisions in the moment, as seen in Dalaran.

    Thrall, Tushui - Thrall's vision for his people and the Horde was one of firm moral foundations. He was willing to sacrifice to maintain a moral compass for his people and guide them in a direction away from their past. It was his firm belief in these morals which also lead him to select Durotar as a place of penance for their past crimes.

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    Garrosh - Huojin - Self explanatory.

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