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    Exclamation Recruitment Threads, bug in title

    You can test what i am saying, here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-2-6-HoF25N%29

    A note for Recruitment Threads, within your site. As all guild masters, make them by writing the progress within their title, i found that there is a bug, as thread title, is seo enabled and when u edit it, doesnt actually change. As u can see on us, it still shows as tilte the sentence: [H] Samurai Looking (6/6 MV25N, 2/6 HoF25N) although when u enter the thread, is saying: [H] Samurai Looking (6/6 MV25N, 3/6 HoF25N) - Twilight's Hammer as title

    Is there any fix for that?

    If not, can someone mod, edit it and put as title: [H] Samurai - Twilight's Hammer Looking (check inside for progress!)

    Thnx in advance for any possible help, merry christmas everyone!


    Ofc the bug is within all the site, just it shows more in Recruitment threads, where title edits are often
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    I believe this is intentional. Currently there is no way to enable thread title editing in specific forums (I think), so in order to let regular posters edit their thread title in the recruitment forum we'd have to allow it everywhere.

    I edited the title for you, and I'm happy to do it. Just report your thread, or PM one of the moderators of the forum (Zaelsino, Splenda, Meari) and we'll get it done! (hopefully instantly, but it can take a few hours)
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    Yeah, not a bug; it's intentional.

    It would be nice to allow it in just guild recruitment, but unfortunately we don't have a way to do that right now.

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