Team Sport is a 10man progressed guild looking for two new raiders. 7 hours/week in a fun, constructive, dedicated, and (most importantly) positive environment. No brow-beating or belittling from officers, but we do work hard to be at our absolute best. We have non-raid events planned, too! Old world content, mount runs, achievements, PvP (Arenas and eventually RBGs). Social and PvP players are welcome to apply as well. We pride ourselves on being a friendly guild. Elitist attitudes are not welcome. Ideal applicants are team players who enjoy helping out the guild as a whole, both in and out of raid -- always taking initiative to improve and adapt to what's needed.

For really dedicated guild members, we make sure that Team Sport feels like home, both in and out of raid. Solidarity and unity as a team are among the most important things to us. We want people that will be in it for the long haul--those that have the ability and devotion to stick it out when things get rough. We also want raiders with an inherent desire to keep getting better as players and raiders. We don't want to get "comfortable" and neither should you. Hope you're ready to bring the pain.


The Basics: <Team Sport> - Alliance - PvP - US/Ner'zhul - 10-man Raiding

The Website: teamsport (dot) guildlaunch (dot) com

The Days & Times: Tues/Thurs 5:00pm~8:30pm PST (though we are mostly a CST crew)


  • Current Tier: 5/6 MSV, 1/6 HoF
  • 3/8HM T13 - 2 Top-Five server normal kills.
  • 1/7HM T12
  • 12/12 T11


  • 1 Elemental Shaman (Resto Off-spec a plus!)
  • 1 Aff/Demo Warlock

*See our website for additional recruiting needs*

**Exceptional players with good attitudes are always encouraged to apply**


If you enjoy dedicated 10man raiding in a great environment, we're absolutely what you're looking for!

We are Team Sport, a small, tight-knit guild that's been together since Burning Crusade. We come from all walks of life--working professionals, bartenders, full-time students, teachers--and we have fun doing what we do best, which is enjoying this game.

We are a 10man Progressed raiding guild. Outside of raiding, we have fun doing whatever everyone else is doing. A portion of us have been very active in PvP (arenas, BG premades). Essentially, if it's end-game, we're doing it.


Why Raid With Us?

~7 hours/week - Leaving time to enjoy the rest of the game/life.
Focused Raiding - You make the most of your time.
Fun Environment - If you don't laugh once during the night, there's a problem.
Determination - We're in it to win it. You should be, too.
Constructive Criticism - We help each other to be better without "brow-beating".
Class/Gear Balance - We're rarely fighting over gear.
Priorities - Downing challenging content is the most important. Gear is an awesome byproduct, not the focus.

Why Guild With Us?

You'll find in the "Application Info" section on our forums all the reasons Team Sport is a guild like no other guild out there. We have a very low turnaround rate, and we're proud of it. Progress, teamwork, friendship, laughter. Everything an MMO should be.

Ready to Apply??

Go to our website above. Head to the forums, and read everything in the "Application Info" forum. This outlines our Philosophy, Policies, and Application Process. Follow the instructions in the "How to Apply" thread from there. **Social & PvP players are welcome, too!

If you have any questions, you can talk with us through the "Chat with Team Sport" thread, or you can email me at elder (dot) thespius (at) gmail (dot) com