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    Enchanting has a lot of enchants that the mats are cheaper than the scroll on the AH. In small quantities this will not be worth it but if you can make 25g (cheap ones) to 150g profit on enchants and do it for 100 a week, that's not bad.
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    Alchemy, JC and mining
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    I use to make a dump load of money selling PVP cloth but thats not happening anymore, must have something to do with how if you buy new gear to try pvp you get mud stomped by the guys who have farmed up pvp gear. Its at the point that mats are more valuable then what you make with them.

    I'm making some scratch here and there because I vary my portfolio but mostly I make money by not spending money on stuff that I can supply myself because I have 4 alts with maxed professions.

    That and theres too many people who don't understand the fine art of undercutting by a single bronze coin, like they are going to scare everyone else out of the market by cutting the profits down when all it does is ensure that they undercut you again and everyone looses profit. People are going to buy the cheapest listed item regardless if its for 100 gold less or 1 bronze less.
    you are wrong. I always skip all auctions where the items I want are under cut by 1 or 2 bronze

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    In no particular order

    1) blacksmithing
    2) jewelcrafting
    3) alchemy (fr transmutes)

    Right now belt buckles sell for double or more my cost to create and I
    Can't keep enough made with three alchemists. Meta gems onmy server
    Are still selling for 500-700 each so my shuffle is mainly aimed
    At more meta gems. I also started into pvp plate at a more than Double
    Profit but it doesn't sell too quickly.

    I'm about to make my second inscription BoA staff and will probably
    Go back to darkroom cards after for some more cash

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    JC, Tillers & bags from Lesser charms. =)

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    1. Inscription by a landslide. Chi'Ji averages at 18k and peaks at 24k (the last week before DMF) on my realm. The crane deck, however, goes for 12k pretty much all month and buying the individual cards costs me under 6.5k. Xuen, especially the agi one, is even more lucrative. The only downside is that it takes some planning and AH monitoring, and you'll only start making profit roughly 4 weeks after the initial investment (since DMF stuff on my realm is cheapest during the DMF).

    2. Enchanting. The Sha crystal and Shado'Pan enchants net me a steady stream of profit on a daily (my daily triple S bottomlime of Sha, Stats and Step) and weekly (shado'pan) basis.

    3. Alchemy transmutes and mana pots. Also, potions of Luck and Illusion sell pretty well.

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    Inscription - Made big bucks at the start on cards . Has tapered off significantly. Still selling glyphs though most of them have been under cut to hell on my server. Shoulder enchants are hit and miss .
    JC/alchemy- Go hand in hand . Transmuting primals and made a killing off orange gems. Currently though being cut out by someone camping 20 hours a day. Wish I had started making 450 rings/necks earlier. Have done well with it in the limited time crafting them.
    Enchanting - Constant small profits and sold some dancing steel weapons enchants early for big profits. Was selling a bunch of blurred speed enchants until others caught on and lowered the prices dramatically.

    Last couple of weeks I have just been shuffling 50-75 stacks daily. Its a grind but def. profit to be made on my server. I sell a couple belt buckles a day also. Basically more of the same ol same ol. Probably going to be switching up markets soon to stop the vicious under cutting thats been going on.Plus I don't wish to complete with someone who just plays the AH. Not hating on them at all . 150k to go for one of my toons to be gold capped and I'll be slowing down till5.2 . Might get back into mogging

    Edit: My Tillers farms have been extremely profitable.Early on having multiple farms helped provide a huge stream of spirits not to mention the token to sell. Tailoring has been meh but then again I didnt get into selling the 450 gear to much so I missed out on that early market. I am happy with the spell threads and managed to sell 7 or 8 royal bags before they tanked under 10k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catdancing View Post
    you are wrong. I always skip all auctions where the items I want are under cut by 1 or 2 bronze
    u r one of a very small few odds are the cheapest auction is bought first

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    Pets. My pets are making me a ton of gold. I think ive made over 50k on pets alone. Unfortunately, Mount upkeep consumes that gold pretty quickly.
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    I find doing old raids (the ones that drop pets) to be both enjoyable and profitable, if you can kill Vek'lor and loot him you can get 5-7k for the pet off him. Some of the greens are valuable as well, have had AQ greens sell for ~750g and thats not even a chest/head/shoulder piece. Other than that, I find JC to be a good moneymaker, but stay away from the Primal market because that market is very unstable. I've done some messing with the BoE/Blood spirit market and while I did make 7k off gloves the other day, it's nervewracking to have that big an investment and be undercut by stupids selling for almost mat cost. My biggest cash cow has been Inscr so far but I haven't touched it since last faire, stockpiling the scrolls and I am going to charge an arm and a leg for them during Faire/right before. Got an enchanter, Alch/herb (don't touch herb), BS/miner (don't mine anything) and Inscr/JC.

    JC is trash if you have stupid cuts or don't have all the good cuts though, and don't flood the market with 1 cut - even if one gem sells for 150g and another for 115g, make both, not all the 150g one.
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    1.) Inscription
    2.) Jewelcrafting
    3.) Enchanting (DE only)

    Inscription because herb prices are so low I literally have zero risk involved (due to vendor prices) when I buy in bulk. I don't sell DMF cards, only the trinkets, most of my gold comes from Epic Shoulders and selling Inks. Make a bit on the side from Origami.

    Jewelcrafting is harder than it was in Cata due to a lot of "wasted" mats from prospecting which I just turn into DE greens now. I used to cut perfects, but the time investment to sell them isn't worth it.

    Enchanting just to DE what my JC makes.

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    hmm.. living Steel seems to still sell on my server.
    Engineering I was the ONLY one on AH selling the scopes and still very rarely sold any.
    JC is completely pointless. The prices that pretty much anything is selling for are barely worth the aution fees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogueMatthias View Post
    JC is completely pointless. The prices that pretty much anything is selling for are barely worth the aution fees.
    It depends highly on your server.

    If there's enough Ore supply (lets be honest, bots) and prices are low enough you can make a killing just from prospecting and selling uncut rare gems. The only real problem is what to do with the vast number of common gems. Cut perfects or just craft them into jewelery to DE/Vendor.

    Cutting rare gems has lost it's value I think, due to the research system and that all colors are more or less equal in value so the prices don't skyrocket on one in high demand.

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    As is always stated and this thread confirms that all servers are different although the same professions seem to be coming out tops. Its nice to see the success people are having with old instances, transmog and pets.

    The reserach system has radically altered the way JC took effect in particular the excess gems from research meant these were dumped and supressed prices quite a lot.

    It is now the same old conundrum of supply which constitytes not just bots but more how much and what type of competition you face against demand as to how many active raiders there are. I didnt like the free gems because it mean the guess work of finding out which cuts sold was removed and thats often a fun game of poker. I also thought the fact you can make perfect gems a bit silly and undermined the main gem market as well.

    Its the same for everyone though so people just adapt. I find JC is still the most profitable for me.

    Enchanting I find has been nerfed more with people reluctant to buy the bracer and sha crystal weapon enchants whereas in cata everyone bought the best becayse they were so much better. Despite cosing 10-20 times more a lot of the sha enchants are only a small % better if that. The fact that windsong a 200g enchant cna compete effectively with Jade spirit an enchant costing thousands shows how they got it wrong imo.

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    1. Tailoring (best prof, 4-7k gold per hour farmed in cloth alone)
    2. Enchanting / Jewelcrafting combo. But not mop shuffle, instead Cata shuffle - cheap ores, VERY expensive dust (200g a stack at my HIGH POP server) also all those greenies farmed together with cloth
    3. Alchemy coupled with MOP shuffle - metagems transmutation master.

    Overall about 100k gold per week, with 8-12 hours farming invested. Fiddling with mounts might earn more at less work expense but my method is 100% trusted profit, almost no risk of losing because I hardly invest anything.

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    I'm making most of my gold lately from Blacksmithing. Crafting the PvP sets and starter tank set and selling them has netted me the most gold. Like people have said, it all depends on your server. I have a lot of bots on my server, so I can easily trick them into posting cheap ore (which is what they mostly farm). It's not uncommon for me to make 30K+ in a day with blacksmithing.

    I still do the ore shuffle, but on my server metas are dirt cheap (around 300-400g each). You can't even break even on metas, but you can with transmute spec + the enchanting mats. It's a lot of work for so little gold (prospecting 1K stacks of ore is time consuming). I still do this, but mainly for enchanting mats.


    I'm getting alts leveled up so not to sure about tailoring and leather-working (LW looks promising, but there isn't much leather on the AH usually).

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    Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Inscription.

    Used to do more with enchanting and jewelcrafting but it seems like impossible job atm. cutted gems sell for 20g, and some rare cuts result in furious undercutting.
    Same with enchanting, undercut yo. So bored checking AH every goddamn second due to someone spending their life in there. Sometimes I place them enchants near the price of mats, and get instantly thrown shit at "You ruin market olol"

    Belt buckles, PvP gear, leg enchants and shoulder enchants seem to net tons more.
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    Mr. Smith about the cost of Triple-spec
    3k gold right off the bat, about 5 silver a week later.

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    Herbalism and Mining pre-MoP stuff. People are paying ridiculous amounts of gold for materials to powerlevel, the amount of supply on my realm is so low due to CRZ and bot's bleeding zones dry. All you gotta do is learn the most common bot paths and avoid their hotspots.

    Also Skinning looks pretty lucrative on my server, stacks of the older leathers selling for 200g+ and they do sell O.o

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