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    [Balance] Reforging with 4 piece t14

    Is mastery more useful than haste after the soft haste cap of 3706 with the 4 piece? I'm using reforge lite with the advanced option for haste to at least 3706 and then crit prioritized but it is reforging into mastery over haste after that even with stat weight higher for haste after cap. I know reforge lite isn't the be all of reforging programs but would it be more useful to go for more haste after the soft cap if I'm maxed out on crit? Or should I go for mastery after max crit and soft haste cap as I currently have?

    Also, I know I should probably replace my belt and one of my rings to reduce mastery/maximize crit, but does anyone know what the preferred off piece is with the 4 set?

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    Relatively close to Breakpoint:

    Intel > Spell P. > Haste > Crit > Mast

    After Breakpoint:

    Intel > Spell P. > Crit > Haste > Mast

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    Just move haste above mastery in the priority listing on reforge lite.

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    Off piece is Tsulong legs.

    For Reforgelite if you are using the advanced option make sure you set up the weight after the 3706 breakpoint, it should be 0 if you havent touched it.

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