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    Building a PvE pet team.

    I'm still trying to level 3 pets to 25. STILL stuck on which ones to use as I keep seeing new claims about what's good right now. Here's a list of all the ones I've heard about, any help which ones are still really good?

    Fluxfire Feline
    Lil XT
    Clockwork Gnome
    Spawn of Onxia
    Emerald Proto/Whelp*
    Celestial Dragonling
    Anubiseth Idol
    Flayer Youngling*
    Pandaren Monk
    Lil Rags
    Mr Grubbs
    Magical Crawdad
    (* means not owned yet)

    I think that's most of the ones I heard good things about. Looks like I should maybe go with a Dragonkin, Humanoid, and Machine? Or are only certain combos worth it?
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    As per the blue post on the front page, Fluxfire Feline is getting a nerf hit in 5.2.

    Onyxian Whelpling/Spawn of Onyxia is a strong tanker due to it's moveset including Tail Sweep (extra damage if Onyx goes last, and it has a slow speed), Cauterize (one of the best heals, except versus multi-hit abilities. Base heal plus half of the damage of the last damage received), and Deep Breath (high damage move; lose one turn and deal MASSIVE damage).

    Celestial Dragon is a decent tank, because of it's moveset including a weather change (Moonlight; increase all healing by 25%, includes opponent's heals) and Dragon's Roar (large heal, plus HP buff).

    If you are looking for an Elemental pet, Pheonix Hatchling has the Cauterize heal (see Onyxia) plus DoT that hit even if Hacthling switches out (I love that!!!!).

    Other pet classes I am not sure which are the strong ones (I have only 3 level 25's, because I lost my job I haven't had game time since right before HoF opened on LFR)

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    The ones that I've used since the beginning are Disgusting Oozeling, Lil' XT, and Lil' Rag, for me they work well together because of all the dots and damage boosts.

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    After taking a look at the list you have, I can say that you can swap out the Flayer Youngling for a Curious Wolvar Pup, and use a stone. The Flayer is a low-spawn pet- you can spend long time camping it, and yuo aren't guaranteed a rare (Trying to farm a rare is somewhat inconsiderate of other pet lovers wanting it). However, either one you choose, both are superb at crushing critters.

    Mr. Grubbs is a good anti-humanoid pet. Consume+Beast type makes it tough for most humanoids to take out, plus a high damage ability that heals for alot.

    I personally use Celestial Dragonling. With the right strat, you can ONE SHOT any flying pet in the game- Roar+50% damage bonus+Moonfire with 10% damage bonus. Should it fail to one-shot, you have decent staying power till Moonfire is off CD.

    Other then that, pets that stand out is the Anubiseth Idol, given its ability to greatly reduce the damage it takes (Stoneskin+Sandstorm) combined with its Humanoid passive. Any pet that uses a DoT effect will find its effectiveness reduced/eliminated (Great against various Oozes which are DoT heavy).

    When looking at pets, consider its type, and moveset before anything else. Pets that have the ability to reduce the damage they take, or a reliable heal are generally superior to pets that have 3x offensive abilities. There are some pets that have some ramp-up time, and then proceed to one shot the opponent. These pets, however, are vulnerable to Magic types, and interupter types (If you get kissed by a frog, bye-bye one shot)
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    Thanks for all the info! It's also not a set list, feel free to mention something I didn't remember or hear about.

    I thin atm I'll use FFF (till when ever it's nerfed, and then determine if it's even that bad of one), Spawn of Onixya, and something else. Any suggestions on what would be best for the third slot?

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    Pet Suggestions

    -I highly suggest getting a Searing Scorchling/Fel Flame for elemental pets, high damage weather effect + burn DoT + double hit.
    -Flayer Younglings are very good because of rampage and reflect, reflect dive or burrow hits back at the enemy and just let rampage go off for 3 rounds.
    -I like the skill set on the Molten Hatchling, brittle webbing -> leech life -> cauterize/brittle webbing for damage -> leech life -> cauterize/brittle webbing depending which one you used -> leech life -> rinse and repeat until one of you is dead. Careful you don't get into a never ending battle if the other pet also has heals or damage reduction abilities.
    -Clockwork Gnome was one of my first to get to 25 (first was a Fel Flame) and he owns beasts with his beginning combination (metal fist/repair/turret) and practically anyone else. Turrets last 4 rounds so you can have 2 turrets up for 2 rounds; at this point I usually need healing so I start repair, if you die you'll come back and still heal.

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    Hey look! A thread about "which battle pets are the best" and already a list of possible answers!
    Who would have though?

    This is one giant ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS system and every pet can be a "best" pet...
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    He wanted to give a dbag response, I replied with one.

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    to play good you need more then 3. You need one from every family and dont forget the leopard tree frog and the temple snake

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    As someone who frequently uses Lil' Deathwing, I love when people use lots of dragons, like the celestial one. Call Darkness rips them apart. While indeed it's pretty much a rock/paper/scissors kind of game, a lot of people uses the same kinds of pets so choosing ones that deals a lot of damage towards those is overall a good idea. People I've come across loves dragonkins, aquatics and mechanical pets. An ideal setup against that would be Phoenix Hatchling/Fel Flame for the massive elemental damage against mechanical with the dot + Conflagrate. Against aquatics I'd use an owl, because of Predatory Strike (wicked against everything). For Dragonkins I'd either use the Flayer Youngling or Lil' Deathwing for Call Darkness and Cataclysm.

    That is pretty much the setup I'm aiming for, but I've been busy with collecting/leveling pets because I wanted to hit realm #1 in pet score ^^ However, my current setup is Disgusting Oozeling, which have a great deal of different attacks, making it viable against a lot. Lil' Deathwing as mentioned earlier, and Wanderer's Festival Hatchling because the shield completely blocks most/all swarm-like abilities, it's good against beasts with it's basic attack, and it's Pump ability wrecks elementals. This one is mostly just good when leveling pets against Farmer Nishi as it can solo all the pets, but due to it's massive HP (and heal if you don't want the shield) makes it a good tank in PvP too.

    I guess I kinda ignored your list, but most of these have pets with similar abilities that are easier to get. I think some whelpling and/or one/both of the Onyxia pets are very similar to Lil' Deathwing.

    Trying to get a team with pets that makes good use of each others abilities are more than often pretty useless, as getting individual strong pets can wreck some serious shit. If you don't want to go with the anti-team I mentioned, I'd suggest at least using a magic pet, they can be incredibly annoying considering how many types of abilities they have with various effects. The "new" Spirit pets seems to be very good too, haven't leveled one of them up yet as I'm out of game time. My first advice to anyone planning on doing some Pet PvP is to NOT use a dragonkin. A lot of people use them so you'll just end up going dragonkin vs dragonkin, it's better to go with anti dragonkins and wreck the majority of people.
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    you don't lvl a pet of each family from 1 to 25. you can catch many of them with higher lvls on your way to 25. stick with your first intention: chose 2 or 3 ones you like and lvl them. pets that can heal or have synergies are preferable. I lvled with chuck + darkshore cub. both can heal, chuck can apply bleeding, the bear gets a strong double dmg skill on bleeding targets. later i picked up a fel flame to complement my team. keep in mind most of the open world pets are critters and beasts.

    having a pet of each family will get important once you start doing the npc tamers (20+). a pet with "reflect" like flayer, anubisatt, etc. is highly recommanded for those
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    Thanks for the reply! I'm ok if you deviated form the list, I have a couple of the ones you mentioned I can try using anyway.

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    I have two teams right now, my main and the one I'm currently leveling up and hoping to get stones for to upgrade them to rare.

    Onyxian Whelpling (Tail Swipe/Healing Flame/Lift-Off)
    Tiny Shale Spider (Leech Life/Sticky Web/Stoneskin)
    Emerald Turtle (Emerald Bite/Shell Shield/Powerball)

    Very tanky team, and can take all comers with that setup. Only real weakness are Humanoid enemies.

    My secondary team are all 'dragons', but only one is a dragonkin:
    Emerald Proto-Drake
    Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
    Scourged Whelpling

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    damn, I'm levelling completly different pets, I guess now I know why I'm geting my ass kicked everytime in pvp battle

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    I cleared begin to end with this team:
    Onyxia Whelpling, Tail Swipe, A heal and a fly move to evade damage
    Lil XT, Mechanical passive, damage repair, tantrum for team damage and a strong normal attack
    Nightsaber Cub, beast type, has a heal, a damage reducer for the enemy and a strong attack with fast attack speed.

    Served me greatly
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    damn, I'm levelling completly different pets, I guess now I know why I'm geting my ass kicked everytime in pvp battle
    I'm glad you're getting help as well ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorpious1109 View Post
    Thanks for the reply! I'm ok if you deviated form the list, I have a couple of the ones you mentioned I can try using anyway.
    I just realized you specifically said you were building a PvE team, and I went on to talk mostly about PvP. My reading comprehension is great!

    When I was going up against the Spirit Tamers, I tried using the same strategy as usual, to use the anti for each pet they used. But I kept getting my ass handed to me. That's when I tried using 1 pet with massive damage (Lil' Deathwing once again), 1 pet that is very fast and will hopefully screw with the opponents way of trying to kill me, like the earth spirit (Any flying will do, I tried to time the Cocoon Strike with my moth to avoid the real damage dealers). And for last I went with a tanky pet in case the strategy of speed and heavy but slow hitting failed, and my choice for this was the Wanderer's Festival Hatchling. Funny thing though, my Lil' Deathwing with Tail Whip/Call Darkness/Cataclysm soloed almost all those new spirit tamers. But for regular tamers (the spirits' pets have messed up abilities, like a moth with flying abilities that is suddenly considered a critter instead, or something along those lines) I'd simply go with the anti for the pets you're up against. While leveling just try to catch a few of each "family" as you go along and you'll be pretty set. Then try to get at least one of each "family" for northrend/cata/pandaria tamers.

    For leveling pets to 25, try to get Wanderer's Festival Hatchling and challenge Tamer Nishi in Valle of the Four Winds over and over. Just remember to never turn in the daily quest so you don't have to wait until the next day. That turtle, if timing abilities right, can solo all three pets with taking close to zero damage. And just in case, there's a stable master close to the tamer.

    Most of this might be obvious to you but I thought I'd write it down just in case, and hopefully it'll help more than my previous post about PvP pets.
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