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    Enhancer PvP and Purge

    So I've recently started doing some PvP on my shaman and I have to say I get the most enjoyment out of enhancement. I've been looking for some guides and stuff, I know the basics, but one thing bothers me. It's the spell purge.

    I never played serious PvP so I kind of forgot that I even have this spell. The thing is, I recently realized how powerful Purge is (even moreso with its glyph) in PvP and well, I just don't really know when I should use it and what I can dispell with it. Furthermore, enh PvP guides are rare and I simply couldn't find any up-to-date guides with a detailed section of Purge-usage. Some things as Disc shields and druid HoTs are pretty obvious, but what else is there to watch out for? Is there an addon that could notify me when to purge or should I simply invest some time in Power/Weak Auras?

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    Purge everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emophia View Post
    Purge everything.
    Well, thanks for the reply, but honestly I've been expecting something more detailed^^

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    Everything a mage has. Natures grasp, any type of mana regen buff, bop, ancestral guidance, pws, hot streak, freedom. Yeah, basically everything.
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    everything. no addons necessary. use your eyes, if hes glowing you can probably purge it. if the buff has a border around it. you can purge it. keep every target on the team clean while keeping your mana up.

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