So I am looking for a mod that can do something for me. At the very basic I need a stopwatch I can move around the screen. What I specifically would love though is a mod that does these things.

Checks with your recent kill data for a raid boss to give you.

Estimated Time till end of kill
Estimated time till p3 or set burn phase
Actual time of fight vs fastest recorded kill

Basically what I want this mod for is so I can better use my healing tide and spirit link totems. As is I am either using them early on inconsequential stuff so I can use them again later in p3/burn phase or not using them at all until that burn phase. Several of the fights in this teir are easily long enough for me to get 2 or maybe even 3 of these 3min totems out but I am unsure of when to use them because I honestly have trouble keeping track of the fights current duration vs our older kill times.