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    Tsulong heroic - holy discussion

    So next week my guild will progress on Tsulong heroic 10man.
    I know Sentence execution is the best to go here. But what I wonder is what stats would be the best for this fight.
    I was thinking what would happen if you go for crit? Seeing as mastery would be useless on healing the boss. Crit would be so beneficial. As we would have holy priest in the raid aswell increasing that healing by insane amount.

    So what is your opinion about crit stat on this fight?

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    THat sentence execution, does it work if u pre use it before u get the fire buff? Will the explosion heal be bigger, or do you use it after u get the buff, and the explosion will still be high even without buff.

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    No you don't pre use it. It works like a HoT. So as soon as you get the buff you cast it. And after your buff duration is gone, your execution sentence is still strong as it was with the buff. So every hot user is re-casting it before buff ends

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