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    Patch 5.2 PTR - Build 16408

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    God I hope those guardian changes are damage increases. I really hate having the tank burst of a water balloon.

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    Hmm, doesn't seem to have a lot of changes yet or additions, with the exception of boss names it looks like! I counted 14 bosses, looks good to me at least.

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    13 new Bosses? Thats cool!

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    rip warlock pvp

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    Nerfing rogue's only form of cleaving.... god bless you blizz

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    13 new bosses and Gargoyle RP cost gone, me like!

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    "Glyph of Drain Life Increases your maximum Soul Shards by 1. Increases the healing of your Drain Life by 30%. "

    Wait... so we get our Glyph of Soul Shards removed and we get an increase to Drain Life instead?... how does that even relate??

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    13 Boss Tier? Yes please.

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    Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, WArlocks

    (Is the third icon a bloddy triceratops mount )

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    if I'm reading this right, they're bringing back ring of peace of monks <3

    yes please <3 convince them to bring back death cocoon. :3

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    Warriors getting some nice buffs, but a couple nerfs as well. Glad to see this <3

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    Wait, is Prep going BASELINE and replaced with Hit and run?!

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    asdsad didnt read it very well xD!!! that would be awesome if Prep now is a baseline spell, no more changing talents for me yay!

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    Paladins: Another nerf to Protection damage? *shakes head* The changes to Eternal Flame and Hand of Purity definitely make those options more attractive, but I still think that Hand of Purity is a little on the niche side to see serious use.

    Rogues: Hit and Run actually looks pretty cool. And very interesting that Preparation is now baseline. I wonder how long it'll take for Mages to start begging for a baseline Cold Snap?

    Jewelcrafting: Interesting that this is how they're choosing to add PvP Power / PvP Resilience to the Jewelcrafting Bonuses. I guess they didn't want you to be able to give up all your bonus on a huge stat increase to the stats, though.

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    6 second CD on Symbiosis? WTF?! At least make it stay on the target when they switch glyphs before doing that change...

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    As a Warlock, I'm about to destroy my computer screen with my furious fist @[email protected] I hope Blizz HQ burnnnnnn

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    Are these the only notes? If that's it, then our hope of Warriors being anywhere near balanced for PvP is long gone, heh.

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    The heavy Blade flurry nerf rly needs to get compensated somewhere or the spec will be useless in PvE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimord View Post
    Are these the only notes? If that's it, then our hope of Warriors being anywhere near balanced for PvP is long gone, heh.
    This is the first bit of info we have gotten for 5.2. You honestly think this is all we are getting?

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