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    omgomgomgomgomgomgomg dinosaurs

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    Don't know why there are so many demo nerfs. They are extremeley meh in MoP PvP nowadays, it is always better to take a spriest than a warlock in arena.
    Also nerf to grimoire of sacrifice? Destro locks are already far from topping dps charts in pve, this won't help at all.
    Curse of enfeeblement which was not very good is now crap (in the same way that curse of exhaustion was made irrelevant in cataclysm already, just when any melee seems able to jumps, teleport and whatnot. But then again affli pvp was destroyed in MoP).

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    yes yes yes let me tame a dinosaur prefrable a red one - hope the skins are a little more unique for this new Dire horns.

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    Indeed Hepes, I like them too

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