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    It is ambiguous, and awaits proper simming and/or Smart People™ to work it all out.

    Part of what makes pooling so effective for Fury is not only that CSmash is on a perfectly predictable cycle, but also that Fury can line up SO MUCH stuff in its natural cycle (Enrage + Mastery with high chance due to BT Crit behavior, RBlow x1-2, Bloodsurge), plus those hard-hitting things are cheap so it's easy to then squeeze in HStrikes on top of it, and since CSmash is on such a regular cycle it's very easy to save and coordinate CDs without wasting them. Well, "easy" is a little misleading. Maybe "feasible" is the better word.

    Arms is lacking... pretty much all of that. It makes "But look, I'm Slamming!" kind of pale in comparison when put side-by-side. :p

    I guess the basic idea — try not to spend Rage unless CSmash is up — is at least more plausible with the increased Overpower consistency.
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    Yeah well this way it does promote a pretty mindless gameplay. I probably would agree that there needs to be some kind of other changes that may make Arms more interesting to play.

    And also, for Fury, pooling Rage for CS is the way to go because CS will ALWAYS be on a 20s CD, unlike for Arms. That's why, as Arms, we will always just try to use as much Rage as possible inside the CS window. We're now getting the opportunity to use MS and 2x OPs(or more) for the GCDs where we won't have any Rage to Slam on, wait on the CS a bit, and then unload a few Slams in the next CS when we get Rage.

    I can't say that it is boring right now at this juncture. We probably have to actually play it to see how it feels like.

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    I'll still prefer Fury PvP.

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