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    Which brings another question, what will the spell look like visually? I guess it'll not create mini-pandaren with elemental textures like WC3 version because that wouldn't really make any sense for non-pandaren monks. But I don't believe Blizzard would make specific textures or models for every possible monk race either. I'm amazed this hasn't been datamined yet, I guess we'll have to wait for PTR to go up.
    Probably a copy of your character with a coloring.
    Think how your character gets transparent during the engi gloves; give that a red tint, and maybe one "air-ish".
    That's what I'm figuring anyways.

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    In my mind I see a couple of copies of us with the old Tiger Deck proc before they changed it, kind of spectral but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    Common sense dictates that this is clearly not intended to be used all the time as the class changes that we have received are already a dps buff adding another 20% for the sake of it seems incredibly unlikely, not to mention everything on a ptr is subject to change. It's my feeling that they have been working on this for a while, which would explain the complete lack of proper feedback regarding the cleave issue, which we have been raising since ptr, so I hope it's a fairly well developed idea that just needs a little tweaking. It certainly would make monk a unique melee class instead of what we are now which is kind of meh in terms of uniqueness.

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    Every time I read this spell name, I hear WC3 orc shamans with their "STORM, EARTH, AND FIRE". I didn't initially think of the old Ultimate. Ah, the old days....

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    Will be a intesting ability to see live.

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