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    PW: shield Broke?

    i was looking at my tooltip while raiding tonite said my PS shield should be for 130ish absorb but in reality my bubble is going for 90ish and critting for about 200ish is the tooltip not displaying correctly? seemed at times to be about 20ish percent lower than what the tooltip read.

    i forgot to mention this is as discipline
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    I think the tooltip is for the old mastery

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    Do you have the glyph of Pw:S?
    Absorb is 20% less
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    Looks fine

    I just tested it with 2 gearsets (different mastery %s), with inner fire on and off, in both shadow and disc

    Disc version is disc's mastery % higher than shadow's in every case.

    Tooltip is off, but actual shield is accurate to what it should be.

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