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Renekton is one of the best top champs for s3 right now, his high mobility during team fights allows for you to easily get to the other teams carries and shut them down, his ult will allow you to stay in the middle of the other team and tank for awhile especially if u build warmogs and sunfire, i heard dyrus saying he was trying to get better at renek since he's very viable in high elo now.
This, his double dash covers the same range as Malphite's ult. He has incredibly high burst with Blade of the Ruined King on his W and Black Cleaver, and is incredibly tanky due to his ult. Good lane sustain from his Q too.

Also probably has the strongest early game of any top, you can quite literally 1v2 the enemies Jungler and top in the early levels if you get ganked.

You can bully anything out of lane besides maybe Elise/Malphite if they are good too.