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    Played a few Singed games lately, found it pretty amusing. First game I was against Rumble on top, outfarmed him pretty hard and also killed him at some points when he and their jungler tried to dive me. I then roamed a bit and we ended up teamfighting, I noticed that I was already way too tanky for them to do anything about it so I went for some more dmg. We later went into a teamfight and I got a quadkill and their 5th player got away, and they just surrendered straight away. Ended that game 10-0-9 or so.
    Pretty fun champion if you feel like you want to annoy the oposing team. And you get pretty healthy if you build RoA, Rylai's and Warmogs. However that's probably a bit overkill, and I have yet to get far enough into a game that I can get a Liandry's aswell, that should be pretty sick I imagine.
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    any tanky dps champ would be good for solo top lane
    I personally like cho

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    Nice guys this will help me alot ^^

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    If I really want to have fun and do some damage I pick Garen top lane. He isn't the best, but if you underestimate him - even a little bit - he will wreck. He's powerful, as long as the matchup is okay. Generally I can carry my team mid-late game just by sheer tenacity and brute force! Otherwise, I have a nice little rotation of top laners than I go through depending on what I feel like at that time (Shen, Olaf, Irelia, etc.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by That Feel View Post
    Bought Riven 3 days ago and I fell in love with her. By far my new favorite champion. The mobility and the damage are just amazing. My best score so far is 32/7.
    Me too.

    OT: Riven is such a great champion, high mobility, high damage early, mid and late(if you're quite fed). Her W in teamfights is awesome too an AoE stun can be more OP? =P, her E is a huge shield if you built a few damage itens, her Q makes her mobility and R makes you wreck stuff apart.

    I recommend Riven, The Exile

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    I love Riven too.

    Pinishing the opponents so hard!

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    Renekton is one of the best top champs for s3 right now, his high mobility during team fights allows for you to easily get to the other teams carries and shut them down, his ult will allow you to stay in the middle of the other team and tank for awhile especially if u build warmogs and sunfire, i heard dyrus saying he was trying to get better at renek since he's very viable in high elo now.

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    Right now my two favourite solo top champs are Shen and Zed.

    Shen has good survivability and sustain early game, and can easily zone out most opponents by harassing with Q and AA+passive combo. Those two make it a lot easier for him to last hit as well, which combined often leads him to controlling the lane. He has a shield and a dash that makes it fairly easy for him to escape ganks, and a global ult that can quickly turn teamfights and ganks to your team's favour. He is a tank though, so don't expect to do much damage late game, but know this: his survivability is sick, and combined with his multi-target taunt you will automatically have a strong chance of winning most of the teamfights you're in, even if you aren't getting the kills.

    Zed is kind of similar to Shen early game. Strong harass, easy to last hit, and strong possibility to escape ganks. He can also push the lane better than Shen can, if it should be neccessary. What separates him from Shen later on is that he is an assassin, while Shen is a tank, meaning that he trades the survivability of Shen with incredible damage, damage that only gets better as the game progresses because of his second passive (it increases his AD).

    Overall I prefer Zed in solo que, as it can be hard to get Shen's ult right when playing with randoms, but I usually choose between them depending on the team.
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    I like elise, she can go bruiser and is very hard to counter in top lane. Generally, there is no best top. It's usually what the team needs, and what you can counter with. For example the other team chose Darius, teemo would most likely be your best counter. However, Teemo is not a tank, You will need either a tanky support or jungle in the team or your late game will fall apart. If you need a tank and you would like to counter Darius, Yorick is probably your best bet, as he can outfarm/sustain darius and can tank and initiate mid-late game. If someone chooses teemo, I usually take an assassin like wukong, as he can stealth/get up close and initiate a meelee fight with teemo that will force him to die or retreat.

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    Personally, I find that Rumble and Yorick have the least "counters" so they're safer picks, but they still have counters.

    Picking what the team needs, or what counters your opponent is most important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssian View Post
    I've really been enjoying Singed top recently. He's great if you're looking for a relaxed lane where the enemy top laner can't do much to you (unless they pick teemo or kayle) while you run around farming like a machine and killing them if they screw up. He's pretty solid late game as well unless you get completely massacred in lane.
    I like playing a very passive Singed and just hugging my turret. Stay alive until you're totally farmed, then tank the world.
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    Personally I have been playing a lot of Garen top. He has a decent gap closer, sustain in his passive, and he is rugged. but counter picking top or going with something that has great synergy with the team is best imo.

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    After reading this I picked up Singed to give him a try since I had no tanky champions coupled with him having an awesome surfer skin. Played 4 games now (first two against AI) and went 15/2/1, 18/3/8, 11/8/15 and just went 26/4/14.

    Defo feels like I'm running around just shouting TROLOLOLOL as people try to chase me down and end up almost killing themselves in my gas. Plus getting tossed into a turret early game or into 4 teammates late game must make people rage like crazy.

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    I love riven top. Amazing champ. Great gtfo, with shield, stun and knock up.

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    Shen is probably the "best" just due to his massive split pushing ability (and being able to enter the team fight from anywhere on the map).

    With him banned all the time...I'd have to say a truly mastered Olaf is your next best bet.
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    I vote for Voli, Darius or Signed ^_^

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    Lee sin is a good top laner

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    Loving cho top atm. I don't build him flat out ap I go for tanky runes / masteries and focus most of my damage on his E. Basically you farm the hell out of the lane and if you fight you use your knock up and silence purely to disrupt and rely on your tankiness and e damage to win trades.

    Went shen top a few times (vs olaf and irelia) just shield olafs true damage and you win trades.

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    Thresh, seems to do quite well against the most typical picks. Quite high damage and shits CC all over the place.

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    My favorite tops are: Riven, Vi, Wukong, Jax, Irelia, Yorick.
    Garen and Olaf are incredibly hard to counter.
    Fiora can be good in some matchups, but those are few and far between.

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