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    415 item level blues

    This is a post regarding the chance of getting blues when crafting the MoP items and recieving blue items of ilvl 415.

    I am trying to determine the % chance of getting the blue, i am also wondering whether they are the same for each slot and for each profession to determine which would be best to make for profitability. I have each of the professions needed and basically want to compare the prices of the mats to the price of the items produced.

    If anyone has information regarding this can they let me know, thanks

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    Generally it's meant to be a 10% chance for a blue to proc on crafts (where possible) across the professions. If you're looking for a specific stat balance just buy whatever it is that you want, the chance of the proc being exactly what you're after are fairly slim, there's a lot of possibilities. Or just keep an eye on the AH if you have time, people with no idea of the value of the blues will frequently list then for ~50g, assuming they're worth more than the greens but not much more.

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