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    Prot 5.2 and SoR back on GCD?

    Not sure if im reading into this the correct way but the data mining has this change for Sanctity of battle:

    Sanctity of Battle (Protection) Melee haste effects lower the cooldown and global cooldown of your Judgment, Crusader Strike, Hammer of the Righteous, Consecration, Holy Wrath, Avenger's Shield, and Hammer of Wrath. Shield of the Righteous, and Hammer of Wrath.
    Surely as it is now SoR has no need to be effected by Sactity as its off GCD, does this mean theyre intending to bring it back into GCD? Making much lower overall uptime of the mitigation buff it provides, especially during Avanging Wrath 'Hp Generator, SoR, Hp Generator' spam.

    Are all other tanks getting mitigation nerfed in such a manner too or is it maybe an error from the datamines, or better yet neither and ive read too much into the change.

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    It likely has to do with the 1.5 second cooldown that Shield of the Righteous has. During periods of high haste you can get into a situation where you generate Holy Power faster than you can spend it with Shield of the Righteous.

    Theck wrote a pretty indepth analysis on the topic on his blog. He suggested putting Shield of the Righteous on a lower cooldown and apparently Blizzard listened.


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    I believe this change only makes Haste lower the CD of SotR, fixing the haste 'munching' effect that we were apparently having. It would make no sense whatsoever for SotR to go on the GCD.
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    Yep, it's a QoL buff, not a nerf

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawhammer View Post
    Yep, it's a QoL buff, not a nerf
    Survivability buff in high-haste situations too
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    Sitting on 5HP + DP proc thus wasting HP generation takes extreme amounts of procluck and haste if you stack SotR every 1,5s... but it happens, and it reduces the needed buttonmashing to get it off during gcds. (Have it macroed to all of my attacks.)

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    its mainly a QoL buff but with holy avenger up during heroism (or darkmist trinket procs) this will actually be a survivability and dps increase. so this isnt a bad thing at all

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    If your Holy Power generation is based on abilities that are on the GCD while affected by haste, at best theyll be just as fast as the Shield of the Righteous when its on the GCD while affected by haste. How could this possibly be bad, since you're using Holy power just as fast as you generate it?

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    During heroism, pop holy avenger and get annoyed by 1.5sec cooldown of SotR Haste affecting SotR cool down is indeed a quality of life buff(and survivability buff also).
    Thanks blizz for listening us

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