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    Arena Season 13 Armor Sets

    Hello all. New patch bring us PvP Gear. I just finished uploading Mage armor set. Priest is on the move working on Warlock.

    In few hour I will do all sets I give myself 2 hours for this

    Sorry for belt texture bug

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    Looks too much like Firelands gear and the spikes remind me of plate armor like it should be for melee almost :s

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    I think that warlock one is bad-ass. It's like some evil, iridescent sorceror/jester thing out of He-Man.

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    Done uploading Priest and Warlock. Incoming Druid.

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    Omg I really really hope Blizzard swaps out that warlock set for T15. I want that for T15 damn it!!!

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    That warlock set is amazing !

    We don't believe in your Horde or your Alliance. We only believe in undeath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asheriah View Post
    That warlock set is amazing !
    I might just have to PvP this season for real just to get that set.

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    awesome work man is DK late on the list?

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    What is Blizzards deal with Priests and massive long hats right now?

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    That warlock set.



    Thanks for the awesome sig, Lady Amuno.

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    The only one I don't like is the priest sets... and sadly that's the class I play the most. Yeah it does look like a priest but dang compared to that last warlock set it makes me want to /cry lol

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    That warlock set is ridiculously amazing

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    Not digging the priest set tbh xD

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    If that Warlock set in purple requires rating to obtain I'm going to cry...

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    I hate you Warlocks.

    I hate you so much.

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    Uploaded Druid

    ---------- Post added 2012-12-22 at 07:11 AM ----------

    Monk has been added. Rogue looks like is unfinished... Going on hunter.

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    COME ON !

    The gladiator mount is a Armored AND Celestial cloudserpent.

    Why do I play pve ?
    Pve mount > lol 0,0001% loot and good looking
    Pvp mount > awesome improved pve mount with armor and shit, you can have it if you're good at your class.

    And the warlock set is much much better than the T15 warlock, fuck it I start pvp.

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    And again, warlocks win.

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    Btw Silencer, you've made a little mistake with the Warlock set - the left shoulder there is the T14 one with S13 skin on it.

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    PvE gear always looks better. I feel badly treated by blizz. Also, PvE mounts are a lot better looking as well that looks like shit.
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