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    Top 10 US Blood DK looking for 25 man progression guild

    I'm now, once again, looking for a new home. Fierce collapsed a few weeks ago, and the attempted reform Redefined collapsed tonight. I regret being naive enough to believe that it was going to succeed anyways, but either way, here I am again. This time, I'd like to avoid going to another 10 man, as I feel that 25's are my best option to move forward.

    Note: I am willing to reroll to virtually any role/class if absolutely needed. I'd prefer to continue tanking on my Death Knight, but if not possible I am willing to reroll. I have a 90 priest, 90 warrior, Paladin, and Shaman that I can gear/level. I can play any role needed. The issue with my alts is their complete lack of gear/progression this tier. I have nothing backing them.

    About me: I'm a very driven and competitive player. I play for the competition aspect of the game, and always strive to push myself and my fellow raiders to the highest level. I always strive to be the best at what I do, and prefer that the players around me do the same. I'm looking for a guild that cares about Server/U.S./World ranking.

    I'm interested in a guild that's able to push themselves to the highest level while also maintaining an enjoyable environment during raids, rather than having constant hostility. I understand that there are times when being nice isn't an acceptable response to someone's actions; however, I don't expect to raid with people who openly hate one another and wouldn't even be in the same mumble server together if it weren't for the raid. I'm also not looking for a guild filled with cliques or small groups of players who think that they are better than everyone else, and who are unable to admit their own flaws.

    I also have a very good sense of humor, and have no desire to play with people who don't share that quality. Crude and immature jokes at someone else's expense are fine with me. There wouldn't be any fun without them. If your guild is super serious 24/7 and can't relax and enjoy the game and each other at least during farm/down time, I'm not interested.


    H MSV: Cleared

    H HoF: Grand Empress final phase experience.

    H Terrace: Protectors final phase. Should have killed, but called it after getting close and never put more attempts in.

    Looking for a guild with similar Heroic progression.

    Can make any times/days. Would prefer a guild that doesn't raid on major holidays, but am open to anything reasonable.

    Respond to this thread or message me in game if interested.

    Battletag: Iime#1524
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    Fallen is recruiting exceptional players for current and future content. Skilled and experienced players are encouraged to apply to be a part of our core roster as we establish ourselves as a premier US raiding guild. To apply, please visit our website.

    Current Class Needs:
    Off Tank - Extremely High Priority
    Balance Druid - High Priority
    Feral Druid - Medium Priority
    Resto Druid - Medium Priority
    Shadow Priest - High Priority
    Rogue - High Priority
    Elemental Shaman - High Priority
    Warlock - Medium Priority
    DPS Warrior - Low Priority
    Mage - High Priority
    Hunter - Medium/High Priority

    Raid Times:
    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    7:30-11:30 EST (4:30-8:30 PST)

    There is a potential for overtime when pushing progression.


    Why Fallen Gaming?

    Initially formed on the server Stonemaul and since has transferred to the server Tichondrius (PST-PVP). Always at the height of end-game content with skilled and knowledgeable players, Fallen has managed to be the top on the server, achieving numerous realm firsts and feats. We're strongly motivated and pride ourselves on the consistency and stability that has allowed us to remain one of the top.

    In order to maintain a lean roster we encourage raiders to have alts they can raid on if an encounter requires several of one class. This enables us to get kills faster without over recruitment and benching a lot of people.

    We are 6/6 25HM MSV, 4/6 25HM HoF, 1/4 25HM TES.

    US Rank: 30
    World Rank: 112

    Notable Achievements -

    - Realm First! Will of the Emperor
    - Cataclysm content completely cleared
    - Realm First! Deathwing
    - Realm First! Heroic Nefarian
    - Realm First! Sinestra
    - Realm First! Guild Level 25
    - Realm First! Working as a Team
    - Realm First! Fall of the Lich King
    - A Tribute to Immortality
    - Realm First! Grand Crusader
    - Realm First! Death's Demise
    - Realm First! Magic Seeker
    - Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas
    - Realm First! Obsidian Slayer
    - Burning Crusade content completely cleared with 2/6 SWP pre-nerf and 6/6 post
    - MC, BWL, AQ40, and 3 Wings + Raz down in Naxxramas.


    Our raiders have significant experience in gaming competitively and raiding previous and current content. We also are passionate about maximizing our classes and roles - we are constantly looking for ways to improve and take constructive criticism. We expect you to adapt to random situations, and have no issues with being aware of your surroundings. We expect vocal communication when required.

    If you think you have the talent and attitude to belong in Fallen Gaming, we would love to see an application from you.

    Narya- Phylor#1442
    Ruspberry- Raspberry#1494

    **Please be sure you write a message saying who you are and that you wish to speak about recruitment in your Battle Tag invite.


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    Shining Force - US - Mal'Ganis [Horde] - PVP[/b][/u]


    Raid Schedule:
    Tue / Wed / Thurs
    7:30 - 11cst

    Current Progress:
    5/6 Heroic MSV
    2/6 Heroic HoF
    4/4 ToES
    Heroic DS US#30 3n/wk

    Recruitment is currently open to:

    Death Knight (DPS) [High]
    Hunter [Low]
    Warlock [Medium]
    Paladin (DPS) [High]
    Priest (DPS) [Medium]

    About Shining Force:
    Established in 1998, with roots in gaming dating back even further, SF has made its mark on many games of various genres. Throughout our diverse history, a few defining traits have emerged which have since been held dear to the hearts of our leadership and members. As you'll read on our main splash page, we live by a code of loyalty and honor. However clichéd this may sound, these traits along with our higher than average guild age, have resulted in our always being amongst the small circle of the most respected guilds and clans in each game we play. We established our World of Warcraft chapter early during the beta and
    have been killing huge dragons and other nefarious creatures ever since. We strive to challenge ourselves as a guild by progressing through the newest tier of raid content. As a result, we are always in search of exceptional players who are looking for not just another WoW guild, but a multi-gaming guild with a rich and expansive history that they can be a part of and contribute to for several years to come.

    An Ideal Applicant:
    - Meets minimum gear requirements for current progression content.
    - Has the desire to raid consistently and progress through current content.
    - Understands that attendance and commitment are two key factors to successful progression.
    - Has a long history of raid experience under his/her belt.
    - Actively communicates when needed, knowing when to speak and when to not.
    - Researches and reviews personal performance and works to improve flaws in their game play.
    - Wants to raid and progress solely for the thrill of progression while understanding that loot is a mere bonus.

    How to Apply:
    Submit an application at http://www.shiningforce.net

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions, please send a tell or in-game mail to Eazycheeze, Afterthought, Ragnoth, Ebolaa, Yumi, Fenixember, or Murphen.
    Feel free to contact Eazycheeze via Real ID at Eazycheeze#1810 and Fenixember at Ember#1934.

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