Die Trying is a newly formed but rapidly growing guild on Ysera US looking to fill a spot or two as we begin raiding MoP content.

We are made up of a (somewhat) mature group of friends that has been together since Vanilla and raiding together since BC. We do tend to use some adult language and humor, so if that's not your thing; we're probably not for you.

If you are interested, what are we looking for? A reliable dps with a healing offspec (or a healer with a dps offspec) that wants to raid current MoP content with a group of crazy people. We are looking for either a paladin or priest, but will consider any other class that isn't a Monk or Druid. Also, please have an ilvl of at least 460.

Our raids are Sat. & Sun. starting at 9pm to 12am server time (EST).

If you're are interested, or have any questions contact: Rustincolor, Tymerion, or myself.

Thanks and hope to see you soon!