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    Quote Originally Posted by orangelemonrain View Post
    I think ive seen it a few times now that they have no intentions on adding any during MoP, they want players to progress with Raid Finder now to catch up :/
    I have never once read anything like that.

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    pfft as if you care..
    sets look fugly as usual

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocobo606 View Post
    LFR 4 wings... so 12 bosses?
    13 bosses in the tier, 12 available in LFR, 1 heroic-only like Sinestra

    Anyone else notice the adjustment to the shoulder, chest, and weapon heirlooms extending them to 85?
    Anyone else think Jaime Lannister only has the Kingslayer title because he was just too lazy to kill the king on heroic mode?

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    The rogue set has a Skyrim look to it if i may say so. and they aren't bringing back head enchants, only adding one exclusive to the wrathion questline.

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    Probably just a tooltip error, but the Elemental Blast change to give Agility to Enhancement is currently showing the change applied to Restoration.

    And yay, more dailies every update. At least we've seen a blue post saying that the team is currently working to introduce other venues for rep. Doing dailies is not fun after about 2 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekosom View Post
    Whatever Blizzard has done with their teams to make them work more efficiently, I love it. I know not everyone is crazy about dailies, but I like them and seeing another hub, especially one whose description reminds me of a mix between Isle of Quel'Danas and Tol Barad is right up my alley. Especially when it means the Kirin'Tor and the Sunreavers are gonna duke it out. Dis is gonna be good.
    Looking at that blue post the new daily hub seems like a kind of rebirth of Isle of Quel'Danas in how you had to do dailies to finally open up Sunwell. And maybe if reading right Throne of Thunder could be like that.

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    Monk changes are amazing! I sense monks being OP next patch and I like it

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    I could level a warlock for that PvP set.

    And are some of you daft? Design shift because of the Wrathion head enchant? Puh-lease. Regular head enchants from factions were removed because the first thing you did at 85 was to put on some fugly tabard and run 5mans over and over until revered.

    Only thing missing is a set of 5mans, but there are many new scenarios. It's possible that they don't want to add new 5mans because it creates the funnel effect, new 5mans has to have greater loot, so people are funneled into those as soon as they meet the gear criteria. Who did anything but HoT dungeons in 4.3?

    Rogue changes seem very nice as well. Especially the 30y teleport on openers.
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    Realm effort to unlock new daily hub features... hmmmmmm...


    The choice of PvE and PvP dailies is a nice touch though!

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    Love how this expansion is shaping up.

    Going to have so much content come 2013

    Bli<3<3ard doing it right.

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    Just compare that thing to Seasson 13 , Paladin or Warriors!
    WTF is this shit ?! The damn Model looks more like a rogue than Death Knight!
    If only it wasnt for the few skulls added I would have probably thought it's a monk / rogue tier!
    WTF lol

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    This patch is already rivaling 3.1 in just the amazingness of balance changes coming along...

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    That shaman set is so boss!

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    dafuq is up with that pally gear? looks like mighty morphin' ramboranger O.o

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    Meh....... some of the tier sets are fine and dandy, TOO BAD alot of us will NEVER get them thanks to Blizz removing the ability to buy tier gear w/ valor.........

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    Massive "UGH" at the Warrior changes. I get that TFB was a bit overpowered (if the stars were in complete alignment. Let's be honest, the QQ about TFB was ridiculous) but the other nerfs on top of that seem pretty damn harsh. Instead of making other abilities more attractive they've blasted the good ones into the same obscurity the other abilities are in. Second Wind is good, but it wasn't so good that anyone worth a damn in pvp couldn't kill us. And lowering the rage cost of ER to 30 does not make it comparable in the least. Also, Shockwave literally requiring 3 targets to be balanced is an absolute joke. It might have some decent use in BG's but even then, it's only making the ability as decent as it used to be. It'll be pretty useless in Arena, now. Are we going back to the BC days when a healer would have to dote after us to make us viable? And why nerf the Death from Above glyph?! That hurts our PvP and PvE output. The charge tier is now pretty good all around so cudos on the Warbringer change.

    Blizz, you said you don't like seeing people make cookie-cutter builds out of your new system and I love that ideology, but you don't fix it by making all those popular abilities just as bad as the ones we're not picking. Players who pick these abilities are doing so because they are usually the clear choice in whatever form of play they partake in so you need to bring the others up a bit to compensate, not cut them down. How about give ER some temp damage output (3-5%?). If you're going to take away some of our AoE/burst/rotational output with the DFA glyph, how about giving that back to us in some other form, like, more damage to a high-cost instant attack? My main concern is my PvE output taking a hit by that. This glyph made Heroic Leap a rotational ability which I found to be quite fun. You beta tested Mists with this in mind so now, without it, our dps will suffer.

    Sorry if this sounds whiny but these nerfs seem excessive in the current metagame. The rest of the patch notes make me pretty excited. I won't quit or stop playing my warr despite these nerfs. We've been through this many, many times. It's still early and untested so I'll take it with a grain of salt, but still - better to get my 2 copper in now than later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captnmexico21 View Post
    Warrior set looks fugly to me. Thank Jeebus for transmog. Liking warlock, rogue, druid(scarecrow!), and mage(ninja mage!) Hunter, priest, and monk are meh. Pally might look better once it gets its effects. It looks like it will have lightning or something on shoulders.
    WORK IN PROGRESS WARRIOR SET says nothing to you does it..? I love the mage ones, both S13 and T15. Priest (me) looks a little too simple and I -HATE- the way the hoodie looks, it uses that ridiculous model that I HATE and then they just added the "extra" horn-connected-looking parts.

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    the warlock sets are pretty nice but that PvP one means I'll have to do some PvP. Hopefully the second color is the easiest to obtain for a non pvp focused player. Also when I read there is an unlockable ship yard I immediately though of owning our own ships. A pipe dream but what wow needs is some good old fashion sailing. Maybe it gives us a deep sea fishing area.

    5.2 sounds pretty awesome. The zandalari war party sounds like the scourge invasion. But with trolls. Sort of dynamic events all the time. So instead of deathwing attacking a zone its a bunch of stuff you can actually fight. Awesome. 5.2 can't come soon enough and we haven't even got to experience the stuff.

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    Nice Tier sets but Mage Tier looks absolutely amazing.
    I am glad to hear Fire is getting a minor buff in aoe with the changes to glyph of Inferno Blast.
    Invocation Talent change is great. The uptime will recover for the 10% damage loss imo.
    Arcane will be still viable as it didn't get any nerfs. The only thing Arcane Mages will have to change is the playstyl as it will be much harder to maintain 6 charges up at all times with the increased mana cost in AB and Scorch.

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    Wow... those tier sets are absolutely TERRIBLE. (The Warlock one is alright though.) Also, Druid T15 looks exactly like Warlock T14...
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