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    Official Patch 5.2 PTR Notes, Tier 15 Armor Sets, Season 13 Armor Sets

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    Hunter set looks pretty cool
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    I'd never compare him to Hitler, Hitler was actually well educated, and by all accounts pretty intelligent.

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    The world boss system is truly amazing. Finally.

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    Behind you! Turn around!
    And the return of head enchants?

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    This patch looks to be good,my life long dream of dinosaur mounts is fulfilled,world bosses are now handled a lot better,Lightning forge to let BS's make old weapons,elite battle pets,new hunter pet family,this is awesome.

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    My god, that pally set...

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    Warrior set looks fugly to me. Thank Jeebus for transmog. Liking warlock, rogue, druid(scarecrow!), and mage(ninja mage!) Hunter, priest, and monk are meh. Pally might look better once it gets its effects. It looks like it will have lightning or something on shoulders.

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    "New World Boss System

    All world bosses are now Tap to Faction. This new system offers every eligible player of the same faction that engages a boss the chance to earn loot. Under the new system, players will only be able to earn loot from each world boss once per week, but bonus rolls apply. Bosses will now respawn more frequently as well."

    Finally they listened to stop people from being prude.

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    those patch notes made me feel like xmas came early this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orchids View Post
    This patch looks to be good,my life long dream of dinosaur mounts is fulfilled,world bosses are now handled a lot better,Lightning forge to let BS's make old weapons,elite battle pets,new hunter pet family,this is awesome.
    I did not catch the lightning forge on my first look-through. Thank you for pointing this out. That, along with world bosses tapping to faction, the changes to the farm, and eternal flame getting a nice buff, I'm looking forward to this patch.

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    I love the changes to the farm! Also, maybe I will finally be able to kill Galleon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    The world boss system is truly amazing. Finally.
    It's about time.

    Those Monk changes look great.
    I like the idea of elemental WW. It's been in my head for a while, and in game it seems like all the other monks are kicking with fire and lightning and stuff.

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    Loving all the sets. I guess I'm going to have to get my 60ish Druid to 90, because the Druid set is absolutely phenomenal.

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    I like the assassin's creed themed in the rogue set , and as for hunter's I am not judging until I see it on bestial races like a tauren or worgen

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    Dinosaur mounts + World boss changes = Awesome.

    I look forward to seeing what that Lightning Forge can churn out. With my horrible luck of attaining a weapon even from LFR, let alone MSV normal which I've cleared a dozen times, I hope there's a decent 2Her that can be crafted.

    I have a feeling they'll be either ilvl 476 or 483, immediately inferior to the new raid weapons... kinda like those crafted weapons learned from the Molten Front.

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    Further evidence Blizz hates shadowpriests: drab and totally boring tier (look at the glowing details of mage and warlocks, come ON), and not a single patch note regarding shadow. I have always wondered if they look at what the tier looks like in shadowform and whether they put glowy details or anything on to give shadow a nice look; this tier would say no- looks like cardboard practically.
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    I'm loving most of the sets, but the DK set looks just a tad... underwhelming. It'll probably look a bit cooler with the DK's blue eye glow in the helm, but still... it's a little drab for what DKs normally get.


    It seems that this patch will be a combination of Isle of Quel'danis (realm progression,) Ulduar (raid size,) and ToC (daily faction grind.) But with Dinosaurs.

    Seems pretty damn awesome to me.
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    GOD DAMN alot of monk changes. I like it. Can't wait to play it.

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    Is it me or does the Season 13 druid set remind anyone of monoblos armor from monster hunter/=

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    No new 5 mans? Or maybe they just haven't added in the info...I sure hope there are at least 2-3 more if we aren't getting any new scenarios.

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