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    destro and affi need a cc to offensive and defend themselves.Demo's is just OK.
    Expanding on this a bit, I really dislike how we have to choose between Coil, Howl, and Shadowfury now. I'm not sure there's another class that's forced to choose their CC like that. Since Blood Fear has been gutted, how about Mortal Coil baseline?

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    Yes,I mean that,Mc becomes baseline,and dont recover health or little(60s cooldown).45talent adds a new cc 'root' which can make us not so bad when facing warrior or other physical classes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmokid527 View Post
    If you think that destro pvp is over powered you are either bad or just don't have a clue.Mind telling me how many of those destruction warlocks rated over 2200 in arena? yeah I thought so..OP lol
    Destro: 1.6% of the 2200+ population
    Affliction: 1.3% of the 2200+ population
    Demo: 1.6% of the 2200+ population
    Total: ~4.5% of the 2200+ population (should be ~9.1%).

    Destro only beats out the other specs between about 2450 to 2550, but there's so few locks it's difficult to see how good they are.

    For Rated BGs:
    Destro: 4.1% of the 2200+ population
    Demo: 2.6% of the 2200+ population
    Affliction: 2.3% of the 2200+ population
    Total: ~9.0% of the 2200+ population (roughly where it should be).

    Difficult to check the graph because of the outlier at 3500 rating (which happens to be Destro), but it looks like Destro holds it over the other specs from 2200+.

    Is it OP? Well, 34 specs for Rated BGs makes any single spec with over 2.94% representation overrepresented.
    There's 40% more Destro locks than there should be, but the class has the right representation. Looks like people are flocking to that spec.
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