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    [Balance] Druid and PTR updates

    What's up with balance druids?

    In the quoted reply on the front page of MMO all i see is other classes being modified based on requests made to GC on his twitter account.

    The only news i see for druids are those about Restoration druids and healing mushrooms (r druids would need a new mastery based on overhealing+living seed, not overhealing mushrooms that overheal...but whatever)

    I've tried multiple times to ask on GC twitter account
    - News about making Dream of Cenarius appealing to Balance Druids too;
    - Hints on the possibility to buff our aoe damage and Wrath damage;
    - To addres the lack of execute phase modifiers and movement dps;
    - A better 2 piece bonus that is not a random chance on a random proc;
    - A better 4 piece that has a bigger impact on out dps / rotation and that's not nullified by Nature's Grace lost uptime due to movement
    - Tried to remind him they promised to druids that glyph of stars wasn't meant to avoid updating moonkin form and we would get a new form too

    He never replies (thought they said they would follow even unofficial forums like that)

    Can someone in the US try to ask any news for balance druids? I've seen for every class and every spec except us :C

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    I got a tweet responding to an issue that Sunfyre brought up on owlkin.org about the new FoN on the PTR, where their wrath wasn't scaling with solar eclipse. He responded to me on that, saying "that is intentional" BUT when it comes down to it, the major thought process behind most of the moonkin forum goers is that no one at blizz plays Balance enough to understand it so we just get ignored.

    I have tweeted him many times as well, mostly about arena viability and mobile dps issues (which are related), but on these I've never gotten responses either.

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    ive tried to tweet him about balance druids too. he doesnt answer questions unless its about paladins, dks, or rogues

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