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    Shadow Priest Brawler's Guild Rank 8

    So I'm Rank 8 and 2/4 of the rank 8 bosses. The eyes and disruptron were easy (as much as that word can apply to Rank 8 fights.) Find the no-damage spot and tunnel. But I'm having issues with Millhouse and Epicus, as I've noticed a few of our kind seems to be talking about...

    .I realize that Millhouse is VERY RNG dependent on the crystal spawns, and I've yet to experience that while also having full buffs, flask, and food buffs (which are all but mandatory for rank 8 fights). I know I can get him eventually when the WOW gods smile down upon me....but Epicus. Does ANYBODY have ANY tips or tricks for downing this fight? Maybe a spec or glyph change? I find that the amount of movement coupled with the amount of damage needed is near ludicrous....

    Thanks for the help! And if anybody has questions about Ranks 1-8 (2/4) I can help you there. Thanks again.

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    For epicus do a corner to corner strat when the fight first starts bring into a corner and just move to the opposite side when he begins casting his laser avoid rings by moving side to side if necessary and repeat. This strat allows you to ignore his blue crush ability, other then that burn as much as you can I ran fdcl di and divine star for his encounter you need about 88k dps to beat his enrage hope this helps, mill house run fdcl tof and divine star hope for rng and keep 100% uptime on tof after you get 100 stacks, hope this helps if so grats on brawler

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    Yeah thanks Koss. I did the corner to corner strat and wiped on epicus at 3%, and seeing how no food/flask when I did it, and I didn't get great procs, that fight should fall over soon. Millhouse is still plaguing me with the worst early crystal spawns.

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