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    Buying the Farm possible testing for guild/personal Housing?

    Title say it all really? could this be some early testing for possible Guild/Player housing some time in the near future?

    Buy The Farm

    Players that have grown attached to working the land at Sunsong Ranch can now purchase the land from Farmer Yoon. Once the farm is owned by a player, it becomes a rest point like an Inn, where the player can bind and instantly log out. Work orders will pour in to the farm from factions across Pandaria, and completing a work orders will earn a reputation boost with the issuing faction.

    Please note: The new Sunsong Ranch features are not available on the PTR, but will be coming soon.

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    Sounds like it to me. There must be a reason to have the land for purchase

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    Work orders that reward rep? Interesting. Sounds like Blizzard wants to make player housing integrate more with the world and not just some place where you can drop stuff.

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    This sounds really awesome, it'll help for my alts to be able to buy land, lets hope its not an outlandish price.
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    It does indeed sound interesting. Maybe they'll allow us to buy bigger houses as well.

    Also, the house needs a chair. To me, it just doesn't seem complete without something I can right click on and sit down in.
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