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    5.2 MW Simple Fix

    There has been a lot of complaints that our AOE healing is random and clunky. Here is a simple fix based on the current 5.2 notes.

    Our random AOE healing can be solved with one spell, Uplift.

    This is what the tooltip should say:


    2 chi
    Heal 5 of the lowest hp allys for x healing. If an ally with Renewing Mist is healed, Renewing Mist will jump to the closest ally at half the duration of the original Renewing Mist.

    Glyph of Uplift
    Your Uplift will heal the 5 lowest HP allys for x healing (60% of normal uplift) and gain Renewing Mist at 30% duration.

    This solves a lot of problems.
    It's dependable AoE healing
    No Renewing Mist requirements to heal where it's needed = what we need.
    Helps 25man raiders spread Renewing Mist.
    Creates better Thunder Focus Tea usage - so we can use it when the damage is happening rather than using it before it happens... no more wasted chi.

    Makes our level 30 talents actual CHOICES rather than must picks.

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    I'm not sure how this would pan out. It sounds good at a first glance though.

    I've always been a healer, but I just cannot bring myself to heal on my monk due to the random nature of renewing mist and uplift. I'm also not a fan of having to spend chi - even when there's nothing to heal - just to have competitive mana regeneration. But this could just mean that the Mistweaver is not for me, rather than it being bad designed. I don't know. It's way way too clunky for me though.

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    We need an aoe heal that will ALWAYS do what it's meant to do.

    For example: Our current Uplift could heal 1 target or 4, 5, 3, 2, 10, etc. This is bad design. Priests can PoH 5 targets always. Druids wild growth 5-6 targets always. Shamans chain heal, etc etc.

    My 'fix' is exactly this. 5 targets always. Gives synergy with Renewing Mists / Thunder Focus Tea. As well as fixes 25man woes. Lets not forget it puts the AoE healing on the SPEC not a (level 30) talent.

    I'm assuming you'd think this would be overpowered? How is spreading Renewing Mists via Uplift anymore overpowered than standing in a shamans healing rain to gain Earth-Living? This is basically the same concept in a different form.

    Control and synergy is what we need. Think about how this change can bring back Chi Brew - another 'CHOICE' taken from us with the Ascension buff... Uplift NEEDS to be our go-to AoE heal, level 30 talents should be treated more as a cooldown.

    View it like this:
    Uplift = Chainheal
    SCK = Healing Rain
    Renewing Mist = Earthliving (Uplifted ReM) / Riptide (Casted ReM)

    This fix is for mistweaver monk core mechanics. This is something we NEED.

    Raid cooldowns is an entirely different issue. Personally i'd take a 'buff' CD over a raid CD for Monks. Zen Meditation making all Chi Abilities cost 1 chi (or free) for 15 seconds would be better than say mimicking Power Word: Barrier. Which would make it like paladin wings and a good class ability - and once again, making Chi Brew a real choice for all monk specs.

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    I like the idea, only tweak I would add is that it heals the five lowest hp allys and has an increased healing on allys with ReM on them. And instead of another ReM jump from Uplift, I would like to see Thunder Focus Tea renew all ally's with ReM on them but also adding a jump stack as well, because it would be way too easy then to keep up ReN mist if uplift still was spammable for 2 chis

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    Too op, forget it.

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    Uplift is fine... at least it is for 10 man raiding. I do sometimes dislike that I can't get the whole raid and have to depend on another healer to pick up the slack of the one that isn't getting my burst healing.

    I would prefer glyph of uplift to be changed. Leave it costing 2 chi, have it not require targets with renewing mist, but the healing is reduced by like 20%

    This would make it like Revival, but costing 2 chi and the only cd is your chi generation. Maybe tweak the healing reduction to make it not as powerful as revival... i don't know, haha.

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    Adding this to the discussion. From the WoW Healing Forums.

    A blizzard developer would probably argue that it would be to similar to other healing spells. That's basically what they said in beta when numerous people complained about the renewing mist/uplift interaction. They didn't want a circle of healing/wild growth clone.

    For some reason in their desperation to make mistweavers unique, they decided to exclude something from their toolkit that every other healing spec has.
    And that is the dilemma... they want it to be too unique!
    There's basic 'rules' that healers follow.
    1) Have tank heals
    2) Have AoE heals
    3) Be in control of those heals

    While we have rules 1 and 2, rule 3 we do not have. To bring us in balance with other healers, Blizzard needs to put us on the same plane as them.

    My suggested change puts us in line. To which i know Blizzard will argue all expansion that they can make it work how they want, but will inevitably fall back to a change similar to what i have suggested - probably 2 years from now.

    While my changes may seem similar to other the classes, it is not. It is unique - it's CoH+WG (when Uplift is glyphed) which if i'm not mistaken, does not exist.

    The defining heal for Mistweavers is Renewing Mist, from its name to it spell graphic. During a raid the floor should be painted with weaving (Renewing) mists, not singular lines of it.

    This game is supposed to be fun, and i think it would be fun to use Uplift (when glyphed) then potentially see 5 lines of Renewing Mists traveling to other allies. The graphic alone would give me a great feeling, the feeling priest must get when they use Halo or Cascade.

    Until Blizzard sees the problem of not having a 5-6 person go-to aoe heal, we'll never be in balance and will see constant changes.

    On another note: The Zen Mediation change, that i wrote on my second post is just snowballing in my head. THAT is what they should give us if anything. It would give the class what it wants. Burst DMG, Burst healing, a monk 'treeform-wings-ascendance' type cooldown.

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