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    [Hunter] Need some help fixing up this macro (Pet abilities)

    Hello I am trying to make one macro for two pets I mainly use for arena. I got them to work depending on pet, but I am stuck with the icons and tool tips not switching (Not sure if it can happen).

    /cast [target=focus] [pet:crane]Lullaby
    /cast [nomod,@predator] [pet:Spirit Beast]Spirit Mend

    I am trying to make 1 macro (For 3's arena, so need to make 3 with arena 1,2,3 and for different teammates), if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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    Those aren't dependent on pet.
    /cast [@focus,pet:crane]Lullaby
    /cast [nomod,@predator,pet:spirit beast]Spirit Mend
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    If I wanted to make it for arena1 it would be at @arena1 correct?

    It works great, thank you so much!
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    Correct, yes. And that would be because of the [nomod] - it won't cast if you're pressing either alt, shift or ctrl. Is that intended?
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    Yea I had my actual keybind using ctrl+key not in the macro itself, took it out, now working properly.

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    /cast [pet:Crane,@focus] Lullaby; [pet:Spirit Beast,nomod,@predator] Spirit Mend

    If you wanted mod:ALT for arena1 and so forth:

    /cast [pet:Crane,mod:ALT,@arena1][pet:Crane,mod:CTRL,@arena2][pet:Crane,@focus] Lullaby; [pet:Spirit Beast,nomod,@predator] Spirit Mend

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