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    Hello fellow Wow gamers! If you should judge from following steps, who do you think is the best healer in the game right now? [PVP]

    Burst healing
    Sustained healing

    Please come with arguments of which class you think is the best healer atm. Discuss!

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    Btw, I'm most concerned about Hpala and RDruid, as I think they are the funniest healers in the game. But tell me everything about the healers

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    Please come with arguments of which class you think is the best healer atm. Discuss!
    Holy Paladins are the best healers in-game PvP wise. They have incredible HPS, most physical damage reduction, great cooldowns, and the best CC a healer has in-game currently. And no, Greater Bash/Cyclone does NOT compete at all against the incredibleness of an AoE Blind, an 8-sec CC on a 15 second cooldown in addition to the damn stun.

    Paladins have by far the best burst healing in game. Holy Shock and Word of Glory are both spammable and regularly crit for over 100k. They don't have a cast-time and are very mana conservative.

    Paladins have by far the best sustained healing in game. Holy Shock and World of Glory are incredible potent heals, that are easy to get off. All you need is to be able to cast properly. Not a single interrupt can withstand you from putting out those 100k+ crits instantly. Holy Paladin's Mastery give a great absorbing effect in addition to the heals. My Paladin hasn't gemmed or reforged to mastery, and roughly 35% of my direct heals are added as an absorb effect on my targets. It sustains healing greatly.

    Paladins have by far the best survivability in game. Plate armor alone reduces physical damage taken by roughly 55%. Additionally, Paladins have great cooldowns for surviving. Divine Shield, unless greatly anticipated and therefore removed quickly, brings you or any target you want to heal back to 100% HP in a few seconds. Aura Mastery makes you able to throw in a few Flash of Lights indisturbed, unless you get stunned. The combination of Avenging Wrath and Divine Favor makes a Paladin able to outheal almost all damage thrown at him with the slighest of ease. Guardian of Ancient kings gives a Paladin 100% increased healing for the next few heals, in addition to tons of haste it provides. Then there's the 40% magical damage reduction on a 1-minute cooldown. I can go on with the cooldowns, but Paladins have by far the best means to keep themselves up.

    As far as utility/CC goes, the Paladin, again, by far wins this. Freedom gives many classes the necessary mobility to burst effectively. Protection can save anyone from a Warrior/Feral burst, and casters basically get physical immunity for free for 10 freaking seconds. Then there's a 6 second stun on a relatively low cooldown. Heck, Hammer of Justice is a baseline skill that is equally as good as Greater Bash, which is a TIER SIX talent for Druids. Tier fucking six. Add in Repentence on a REALLY low cooldown, and an AoE blind, and CC-wise, the Paladin is unbeatable. By far. There's so much more utility a Paladin brings, but I don't feel the need to type it all out.

    A paladin is by far the best healer in PvP. No further discussion needed.
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    Don't pick a flavor of the month character, because as soon as they get nerfed you will be back to square one. Take a step back and see what you enjoy and go from there, I guarantee you will way more fun.

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    Between paladin and druid, definitely the paladin. Resto druids are inferior to paladins in pretty much every way except for their cc and the escape potential of displacer beast, both of which are currently slated to be completely scrapped next patch. Clone on incapacitate DR will make it all but useless in the couple comps a druid can actually play, while paladins are planned to remain exactly as-is at the moment.

    Shaman are probably a better healer than a paladin since they're more well-rounded, but paladins are certainly very close. Paladins tend to shine mostly just in cleave teams since their passive survival, freedoms, and DS safety net are better-suited to fast tunnelvision games, but they are very vulnerable to cc and caster damage in comparison. They'll fare a little better against wizards with blanket silences disappearing next patch, but that should be an even bigger buff to shaman tbh.

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    Shamans are fairly good, however personally I struggle against melees such as warriors/dk's on the long run. On my Paladin I don't have any issue whatsoever with them. Simply because Shaman CC's are on a very long CD and mostly useless against a decent warrior while my Paladin always has something ready to get some breathing space.

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    I just feel like, when Holy Shock is on CD, what to use then? Paladins almost never stop, but I can't see what they should cast when Holy Shock is on CD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheerzo View Post
    I just feel like, when Holy Shock is on CD, what to use then? Paladins almost never stop, but I can't see what they should cast when Holy Shock is on CD?
    Word of Glory with 1 Holy Power, so you can proc the free 3 holy power Word of Glory as often as possible.
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