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    Ambush, Garrote, and Cheap Shot now have a 30 yard range, and will cause the Rogue to teleport behind the target.

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    Shares talent tree with shadowstep.

    This coupled with subterfuge seems good. Shadowstep is still a competitor though, probably still best.

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    seems legit
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    all hail rogues! I don't even play one anymore, but these changes are awesome!

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    Remember this is a TALENT, as was pointed out. Take this, and you don't get shadowstep or burst of speed.

    However- this looks pretty good. I'm a bit concerned that it's far better for sub than the other specs, as shadow dance becomes Teleport Spree. I thought Hit and Run was pretty genius, this move looks less well thought out. I hope it doesn't get nelfs nerfed. One of many upsides is that during dance you will be much harder to peel! I think this is the anti-mage talent instead of burst- you get rooted, you dance and garrote. That ends and he blinks, you press cheap shot and now he's stunned with no blink and you are right up his bum.

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    doubt it breaks roots

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    Redirect to .

    Same topic, with more genuine discussion.

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