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    How many of you have gotten max level BoE epic world drops before?

    Just wondering how many people have gotten world drop BoE epics at max level during any expansion? I think since I started playing WoW I have had a total of 18 differrent characters that were at one time "max level" I have gotten TWO epics and both were during wrath. I got a Sash of Jordan and a Je'Tze's Bell. Both came at the end of Wrath while I was leveling a new alt so they didnt sell for crap. Anyone have just as bad of luck as me or anyone out there that has an account flagged for good loot and just has them rain from the sky? Always interested in seeing how rare these things really are. I would think having had so many characters since TBC that were max level that I would have found more than 2. Also they came on the same character in Icecrown I think within days of each other.

    Also dungeon/raid epic BoEs dont count because dont they have a higher chance to drop compared to world epics? For example the ones in ZA/ZG dropped like candy. I remember when the Zul's first went live like everyone in the group walked out with 1-2 epics each run it was retarded. Also just did a Cata raid run last night for achievements and we had two BoEs drop off the trash in Atramedes room and ended up with 5 total so obviously they have a much higher chance to drop in instances.

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    I've gotten one by myself, but I've seen multiple ones in dungeons (Not the instance trash drops, world drops)

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    1xBlinkstrike in TBC. Played since release.

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    Not many. Probably around two or three, in Wrath and Cataclysm. One more if we count the Super Simian Sphere. Not exactly a performance enhancing item, but a rare epic nonetheless.
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    The only max-level one I can remember was a Je'Tze's Sparkling Tiara in Cataclysm.

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    Playing since release, I've only gotten two epic world drops and niether were max level as they were both Kang the Decapitator. First one dropped while I was farming raptors in ungoro for the AQ gate event, and second was in azshara whilst leveling some random alt. I sold the first for a couple hundred, vendored the second.
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    The funny thing is the most expensive epic I ever sold was that level 40s slutty dress model that matches the ones from AQ. Got it off an Ogre in the cave in Badlands while questing. Listed it for 10k just for lolz and it sold overnight. Also this was years before Transmog.

    Also does anyone remember what people were making so much gold off of by soloing trash inside BT? I remember it got nerfed cause hunters, mages, and SPriests were all raking in gold by snare kiting them. Remember watching some videos on it but cant remember what they were getting that was worth so much.
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    Axe of the Deep Woods, some other sword, and 2x Eye of Shadow at 60 in Vanilla. (Farmed the southern Winterspring demon dudes with a friend for hours) Blinkstrike at 70. Nothing since, although a guildy got the epic leather agi chest the other day so he was psyched.

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    Right when burning crusade came out and I was running dungeons with my guild we got 4

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    I got a MoP BoE epic but I think it wasn't max level but was still the same ilvl as lfr/crafted epics; seen prob 4-5 total in dungeons that were world drops. I can't recall anymore maybe 1 more so 1-2 total and I played quite a bit at my peek.

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    Got a Signet of Edward the Odd in wrath just before I hit 80 the day the expansion came out, sold for 15k I think which was a lot at the time.

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    Back In Cata I said wtf I never get world BOE drops. The next day I got the BoE shield off a mob in GB and then the next day got the BoE shoulders that looks like the pally T11 Shoulders off a Deadmind's trash mob kill.

    Made like 10k off the shield and keep the shoulders each time I was the only one able to roll on the items due to no other plate users at each time.

    Edit: Also got the 1h sword out of BoT and sold it for around 25k. Didn't need it since I already had one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kromtar View Post
    Got a Signet of Edward the Odd in wrath just before I hit 80 the day the expansion came out, sold for 15k I think which was a lot at the time.
    Had a proc on it thats why. Did rogues, hunters, ferals like haste when wrath launched? never played an agi class so dont know.

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    The only one I specifically remember is the Gilnean Ring of Ruination that dropped in my first Cataclysm heroic on my Hunter in 5.0. I lost it to the Pally tank.
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    I got one, in MoP actually, maybe a month or so in while doing dailies. I've actually seen a couple drop in heroics as well but of course I don't win those, but meh.

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    I got a Myrmidon's Signet from Araj the Summoner and a Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn while grinding Twilight text pages in Silithus during vanilla.
    I got the Leggings of Beast Mastery from killing that main Arakkoa boss on the little island in the mountainous region of Terokkar Forest during TBC.
    I got Zom's Crackling Bulwark from doing the Scarlet Onslaught dailies in WotLK.
    I got nothing during Cataclysm.
    And I got the Pool Stirrer mace from a rare Jinyu in the Jade Forest during Mists and I was so excited... until I realized the piece of crap was BoP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon View Post
    The only one I specifically remember is the Gilnean Ring of Ruination that dropped in my first Cataclysm heroic on my Hunter in 5.0. I lost it to the Pally tank.
    Had that drop in one of my first Dead Mines runs. Was way before the "Need = Soulbound" change. Was quickly ninja'd by one of the DPS, and then they dropped group.

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    I generally find one per expansion.

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    I got 2 during cata, first one during t11 which I sold and second one during DS where nobody cared.

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    I've gotten a few. A 359 dps str cloak dropped in a random a week after Cata started. I was incredibly excited to win the need roll but I debated selling it...this was before needing soulbound it.

    Ahh those were the days. Today any old casual can need and soulbind an item. I prefer the old days when we had to equip it first!
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