View Poll Results: Which would you give up for a year if you had to?

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  • Fruits

    42 44.68%
  • Veggies

    52 55.32%
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    Fruit, tomatoes are the only fruit I eat once in a while. Veggies I eat at least every day. Potatoes > Tomatoes

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    I drink various kinds of fruit juice nearly daily and love eating fruits, just had a whole mango and it was delicious.

    And thank god tomatoes are fruit, at least I can still have pizza then! So take my damn veggies, I only eats them because they're supposed to be healthy although I don't know they can still be called healthy the way I eat them, drenched in BBQ sauce or honey mustard!

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    This is easy, I'd give up fruits. I'd miss my tomatoes, avocados, and berries but aside from meat veggies make up the base of my diet.

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    I prefer veggies over fruit. At least, I'm far better at making a meal out of veggies than fruit lol..

    I think I could do without fruit for the most part. I couldn't do without a good salad.

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